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Improvement in process!

Look, i have a problem. I am a moody person, i can't decide A or B even i am not a Libra. I sometimes want to write a blog, i sometimes want to delete it forever. I sometimes prefer blogger, yet the other time i wish i had used tumblr. Sometimes i like pastels, sometimes i just prefer monochrome. Sometimes i am a vintage-snail-mail person but sometimes i am so technologically at it finest. This inconsistency keeps bugging me and this year -fingercrossed, i could achieve my number one goal, CONSISTENCY.
This blog layout is kinda boring so i just want to reorganize everything, by everything i also mean for anything in my life. This blog, my bedroom, my working desk, my laptop, everything must be organized.
I am really into minimalism right now, because i find myself, too consumed by things. After learning from blogs and videos, also a book called Sparks Joy (not a book about minimalism, i know. But it's about the art of tidying and that's quite helpful), i am brainstormed …

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