get ready to welcome 2012

by - December 27, 2011

Things i should do in 2012 :
1. Diet. Skinny, skinny and skinny.

2. Cut my hair short. Or not too short. It won't be shorter than shoulder. I'm getting really scared with this hair loss.


4. Drink vitamin everyday.

5. Go to church everyweek and keep faithful to God.

6. Study harder, learn more, get a good score.


7. Earn money. Well, i wish i can, this year.

8. Being more care to everything; to family, environment, friends, boyfriend and myself, and control my moody and stubborn things. Being mature!

9. Watching hunger games, and other new movies.


Loving my things! Blackberry, DSLR and Macbook. I should take care of them and be careful when i bring them.

11. I can cook! yay food.





Things i wish i could have in 2012 :
1. Iphone 4s. Whatever with BBM. I-want-iphone-no-matter-what.

2. Lots of clothes. Expecially when i get skinny, if i can :P

3. Tablet for drawing

4. More shoes

5. Painting my wall, or redecorate my room

6. driving license. Not from the police, but from my parents

7. A lot and a lot of polaroid films


DISNEYLAND! too far? Well, maybe New York, Las Vegas, Los angeles? California? Hawaii? No? okay....

Paris? Netherlands, Greece, Maldives, Dubai? err... Japan, Korea, Australia? Singapore?? No?? Okay, at least, please, Bali!

9. Good realtionship with my boyfriend :) i love you so much, little piglet!

10. Good luck, good scores, good mood.

11. millions and millions of MONEY. No joke.


I wish i could make them come true, anyway.

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