by - January 07, 2012

I used to be a true belieber who willing to kick and mock everyone who againts him, but honestly, i'm not now. I mean, i still like him and feel i'm still a belieber, but not as fanatic as i used to be when i'm in high school. For me he's pretty amazing, because he was noone and now he got all the fame. He tough never say never to everybody in the world and often held a charity event. I know he got a lot of haters tho his fans are billion too. I used to be really mad if someone said bad things about him, but i really lack of his news recently so i'm not really up-to-date. Well, watching this video on Youtube and looked the comments, it's just really funny how haters still around.
I'm not saying haters are suck or something. In music, everybody has their own favorite. It is really subjective. Maybe for some people his voice just trash but for me it's pretty good. You cannot blame anything or anyone for his popularity, instead Usher producered him. It means there is something about him that some people can say it is a talent, even some people don't. It's just the same like other artists or singers.
What's funny about this video is the comments. I have read it, and it's like some people deliberate to say something bad so they made up some fake stories. Saying he's gay, he's pedo, it's not gonna change the fact, people.
Not trying to defend him, but just saying :)

"It's a shame you can give people the world and some people will STILL find negative things to say about you. Haters are gonna hate I suppose, but it's still sad. Keep doing what you're doing Justin... The world needs more people like you. God Bless." -bornthug213

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