"In the final analysis, it's between you and God."

by - January 07, 2012

2011 was really my year. It had a lot of unexpected things happened, good or bad.
Went to singapore with my best friends
Someone yet will be important for me left
Struggled with situation
Disease found in my mom's
Being an advisor for orientation week
My really long crush added me on facebook
Driving alone for a very first time
Struggled with entrepreneur thing
Opened a stand in Goci
Having my very own salary
Having a very important in my life now called a boyfriend, whom i had crushed on year ago
Crying for nothing
Having a best birthday ever
Found myself cyring through my fear
Found someone to hug
Having a new year with my boy
But the most important thing that i could learn is everything happen for a reason; i have to keep my faith and believe what God had planned to me. If my life drift me away and something bad happened, i have to believe it is mean to be and God certainly has a better plan. He just want to say that my way is wrong and gives me a better way to life. I believe this because i have a lot of thing that connected from what i'd done before and before. It happened really fast, but it's true that everything was better. I'm not lucky, I'm blessed. I really thankful for unexpectable 2011 and hope 2012 will go better than i expected.

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