Intermediate Photography Class

by - February 28, 2012

Actually it's not the format of lightning that we learned today, but we found lens flare was really good at this time :) So we tried to shoot some! They were taken by Milla's camera, it's Canon 60D. I didn't bring my camera because it didn't work when we have photo studio shoot .__. so sad. So i borrowed one of my friends' camera.

Anyway, i found this and.. i died.

it was 16 january 2012.. 16 JANUARY 2012!! ONE WEEK AFTER I WENT TO SINGAPORE LAST JANUARY, you can read my trip right here . And what makes me really mad, i had something exactly like this last year.. when i went to Singapore with my friends, one week after we went home, JAY CHOU VISITED SINGAPORE FOR THE GREEN HORNET.

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