Note to myself.

by - February 28, 2012

I should stop think bad about everybody else. It uses all of my negative energy to hate on somebody, that i've never knew. I cannot judge someone that i never know, someone that i never talk to. Fck up, first impression. It's just a negative thought which i have to erase. They have their own reasons, they have their own problems. Tho people out there will still judge me, whoever i am, i am me. I should stop think that everybody hates me, that everybody gonna think i am a odd teenagers yet an adult. I should think positively and go out with a smile. I cannot turn back the time, so what've been done, it had to. What i have to see is the future. I can't ruin it with my bad thoughts, if yes, i can't pass through. I have my own reasons, i have my own problems. Fck what people think about me, therefore i shouldn't think bad of someone else too. Karma does exist. And what i'd given, is what i'll reap.

“If you’re ever worried about what people are thinking about you, just remember: people aren’t thinking about you.”
-Henry Phillips

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