things i want for a long time but i can't have them for some reasons, somehow..

by - February 05, 2012

Hair dye

Pastel color hair seems amazing nowadays, like pink, or blonde-white. But i think it will be too eye catching in my hometown, so i guess i really obsessed with light brown (somehow like copper) and burning red.

My mom doesn't really like my idea of dye my hair, because it's gonna damage my hair. So year ago, she only let me to have glossy. It's pretty cool, but glossy cannot produce a really good colors, because i think it's the same like highlight, or something? Because i join a committee for Orientation Week, they asked my to dye my hair back to black. Tho, my real hair color is brown-red. So i took glossy again, with black color, and i didn't really like it. Unfortunately, there are some other committees who dye their hair, still, in Orientation week. Well, well. Then, my hair got loss really terrible, so me myself think i can't have another. So i think i will take care of my hair first until it's thicker, and dye or glossy it again. luckily it's not deep black anymore, it is back to dark brown, my original hair.


Thing i want since i was in High School, but not to brave to have it, until now! Hais, i have to collect my courage to have this. Craving! Friends said it's not too hurt, like a tiny ant bites, and it also makes you addicted to have some more. I just want 3 in my ears, not in other part of body, especially tongue or lips or nose. Big NO.


this one, i think i will not get it, for so many reasons. Somehow i don't really really want it like piercing because this one, i know, hurt so much. Ya of course la, it's a NEEDLE stab your skin like thousand times! But it's really cute i think if i can have one haha. But not really want it. They said it is like piercing, once you have it, you want some more.

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3 comment

  1. About the tattoo thingy, I suppose they already got painkiller now.

  2. wow the one with the pink hair = Xiaxue most famour blogger in asia. !!
    She also had lilac hair before!

    1. yess, i have followed her instagram and read her blog. Her hair is amazing!!! Bleached for so many times but still looks good :O