about this movie : wrath of the titans

by - April 13, 2012


just watched this movie!
I'm not a movie critic, so i don't really know what i should see to decide whether this movie good or not, if i like the story or the other features, i'll say it's good. And for me this movie is good enough (even i know my friends said this movie isn't too good as the first one). Ya some part of the story is strange that make us think ,"hah, just like that?" but from effects and story, i got it and i like it. Yes, it isn't as good as the first one, unfortunately.
When i saw this movie, i really appreciate this kind of movie, adopted an old folk or history of greece, of God and Goddess, which make me think, wow the person who wrote this really learn hard! I became more reward this kind of movie because of History of Art class. I HYPER like this lecture, which i think the most exclaimed subject until now, plus the lecturer, Mr. Michael, is a really smart lecturer, smartest i think, haha. It was like i went back to the class and listening Mr. Michael explaining about greek's history, and others. Zeus, Poisedon, Hades, Andromeda.. And, Chimera? I used to think that creature was real, lol. Ya i used to be a nerd who like fiction, especially Harry Potter (i never read it, but i love the movie and the story behind it, and Daniel Radcliffe). So i went home and found this book :

This book is like my treasure when i was in Junior High School. I used to love this book so much because it brings you the condition if this book is Harry's and makes you jump in to Hogwarts. Yea, that's why i love Fiction.

Some of funny handwriting from Ron, Harry and Hermoine. Funny book.

A draw of the fantastic beasts. After read this, i used to search the beasts one by one on the internet and believed they were all real. Like, literally, real. Now i feel odd!
And finally, i bought this nail stickers.

I always wanted to try this since i saw the tutorial on Youtube. I don't really know what it called, Nail stickers, Blixz or Winx? i don't know, but seems stunning. I tried to put it on my pinkie and ring finger's nail and FAIL. Not as easy as i thought. Hiks. I saw Lady Gaga ever wear this too, but for years ago. I'm so late. Actually, i want the silver or gold one, or leopard and zebra prints. But unfortunately, i can't find any good pattern, this one is the most tolerable one. Why they don't have it, why.

Ok i'll try it later.

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