if that so, then you must be the one.

by - April 29, 2012

after having a great saturday night with friends, and had a nice friday with best friends. How sad to know the fact, today i have to do all of my assignments 'till death, and i'm still awake now. I need a company..


"God, let her let go all of her sadness and disappointment. You have blessed a partner for her, who love her, who scared about You and obey Your orders."
and without conscious, i started to cry. And for the whole time, i wished i could hug you.

here's to my loved ones. here's the truth of everything i've thinking of.

People comes and goes. When someone came into my life, i know i just could learn from them or stuck with them forever. And for any possibility that we can't handle, i should prepare myself for the worst, like there's no other 'tomorrow'. I learn to fall, and i learn to be hurt. I learn that i shouldn't put to high expectation on someone that can't promise you to stay forever in your life. But here i am, take a risk one more time. Call me crazy, but i hope you're the one.
You're the song that i always sing. You're the hope that i always wish. You're the light when i'm lost in the dark, and the dark instead when i'm tired with the light. I feel like you're my best friend now -someone who i can talk about everything, and to share love. You're the lullaby that echoing in my head every time i'm going to sleep. Call me old fashioned, i'll give every love that i have to make you happy, nobody else.
I always hope i can be with you someday. One day, when i walk down the aisle, you're the one who wait for me at the end. That's why i want to be with you as much as i can, as often as we can. Sometimes i want to take time just for two of us, but then i realize that the point is, there's you. Call me selfish, but when it's about you, my heart can't deny.
Some people will laugh if i tell them this -that i love you so much and never let you go, because they know, nobody can predict what happen next. Some people will feel sorry for me, to be a girl with too high dream and when i fall, i will fall hard to hell. But somehow, you made me feel this way. I'd ever felt this, and i hope if anything goes wrong, i will stand up and not looking back, so you and i, will both happy. Just if anything goes wrong. If not, then it's a real blessing for me from God, to give me a really lovable partner in my life. Call me far-fetched, but i really hope nothing goes wrong.

People tell me that you're right for me. Some of them give no comment. But i always know that the one who able and allowed to decide is myself, so i give you 10 from 1 to 10, to have my heart away. Just promise me, to share your world to me, and i'll share mine. complement each other, care and love.
this is my honor to have you, and your honor to know how i am feeling. i love you. xoxo.

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