by - April 20, 2012

Our photo after Commercial Photo shoots for VCD's assignment. look at my face, turning red. Yes, lots of freckles cause of facial. The doctor said my face will peel a little bit, so it turns to a new clean skin. I hope so, peel it quickly, please.

Next month is finally Final Exam and, duh, i feel so lazy! A lot of assignments await but i can't even move from bed or turn off the TV. If i could, then it'll end up browsing or eating. Too lazy to do my assignments.. But however, i wish it will end soon. This semester, i feel so BORED. Ya i don't know why, it's just like i'm not really into it anymore, or the lectures are just not really exciting. I always feel so lazy, every morning after i open my eyes. The college is so far away and i have to go there and just sit there and listen the lecturer talk this talk that, give more assignments, and go home. Sometimes i just feel bored and need a real holiday. Bali will be great. i think it's already hot season again, which is REALLY hot here, the sun seems like become closer to earth. At this time, beach will be a very nice pleasure.

Well, some people get bored with Bali, because too often to go there. I'm not. Never get bored with beach. Swimming, tattoos, nail arts, markets! Don't know why but miss them so much, lol.
Okay, back to reality. So many assignments to get done.

and oh, i feel so lavish. If only taking money is like taking water from the sea...

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