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by - April 15, 2012

Yesterday i watched Battleship while me and my fluffy boss dating. Once again, let me write some about this movie, although i'm not a movie critic.

If you like tense movie, action movie or manly movie, like robots or other, this movie is amazing, since i know making animation really good really real like this movie is really-very-extra-extremely-terribly-too hard, i have to say, this movie is really-very-extra-extremely-terribly-too good. Yea, yea i know, they are the one who made Transformer too. That's why this movie is so Transformer. Not the story, but the ship, very Transformer. When the movie was almost end, i was getting little bored because it was climax from start to end. But they served light humor that made me still wanted to watch this. After all, epic movie. And Rihanna looks so damn badass. Love it.

Actually i keep thinking why they describe the aliens or other-space-people look like a lizard. I mean, their eyes. How if they are really exist, but not extremely come to earth like that?

"My dad said they'd come. He said we ain't alone. He said one day we'll find them. Or they'll find us. But when that day comes, i wish i have already died."

So, i've been stalking (not stalking actually, that's scary) these two person lately.

or i think her real name is Wendy. She is from Singapore.
I found her first time from Youtube. She posted some videos about make up tutorial, from zero to hero. I watched it while i searched for The Power of Make Up. Call me weird, but i actually keep watching that show or someone pretty (yeah all of them is PRETTY. I won't say they're ugly because every girl in this world born to be pretty) who transforming to a really gorgeous girl after she wears make up. It's such a shame when the host says something, which i don't really know, but it seems like mocking her. I mean, whatever, she's born that way, how could you mock her like that. I used to mock some people like that too, especially in High school. Wearing make up to school seems taboo for me and some of my friends, instead we still in High School! But since now i'm a college student, if i see some girl wearing make up to college, i think it's normal. We're almost 20 now and make up is things we can have as a girl, it's like make an art to your face, ins tied of hiding your real face. Yea i'm not saying this because i like wearing make up too, but just tell what i thought. It's okay since your make up fit your age. If you're wearing a lot of make up that make you looks like an old lady or tacky one, ya.. just wipe that, okay.

Okay, back to XiaXue.

Honestly, when i watched that video, i was like, "WTF, she's so ugly before make up!!" (sorry, it's just my immature thoughts. don't say i'm a hypocrite!). Then she was transforming to a beautiful lady and i was like.. wow, make up does work. But then i found out why this girl is really famous. i dropped to her blog, and finally it's an amazing blog. She posted so many photos of herself (which maybe made some guys hate her because she's so hipster) but i think the photos are good. She wrote lots of article. Tho somehow there are some posts that i don't like (ex : Adele's post) but since it's her blog and she is free to write everything, i think she's quite funny. She's a typical of funny, loud, attractive and pretty girl. That's why i know why she's famous.
"Seriously love this little Singaporean girl. In her blog she speaks her mind and she doesn’t care what the f*ck any body says about her. Her wittiness and bluntness is just so refreshing, not a lot of famous bloggers do that nowadays."
-someone on
And omg, the most important thing is her hair. When i saw her photos for the first time.. "OMG is that a real hair or not." but after watching the videos of her dyed her hair, she successfully made me jealous to the max. Blonde, pink, and now purple, wtf is on her mind. But it's really cool. I always wanted to dye my hair with pastel color (call me weird, again), but since my bad hair loss and since i'm living at indonesia (which to dye hair with pastel color is, once again, taboo) they said it's weird. Tho she lives in other country, i think Singaporean are majority have black or brown hair. So i think it is a very brave one to choose that color, lol.

Anyway, she's cute and more cute that now she lose some weight. Really fit her body, look so tiny cute! haha. I always wanna see the real her so maybe someday when i go back to Singapore, i can see her in person somehow. Haha. I love her camera, anyway. I don't know it's because she photoshoped the photos or it's because the camera, or just because her hair and her room color, her photos got a sweet color.

P.S. her bunny, igloo, is so damn cute. DAMN CUTE.

The other one is Tricia Gosingtian.


I found her first time from Among all Lookbook user, she's really pretty and skinny! Then when i opened her tumblr, she own very good photos, and i thought because she is a photographer. Very beautiful photographer. and fashion blogger. and model. Yes, she own a good camera (and very good lenses too, i think. don't really know about it) and i keep asking, i'm usually very very lazy to bring my DSLR. Mine is Canon 1000D and it's really light, compared with any DSLR cameras. But i'm still lazy to bring it because it's heavy enough to me and usually hurt my shoulder! My bag becomes really heavy. But she was… beautifully bring that big camera and own very good photos. Sometime i was like.. wew.. she must be really in love with photography, lol. And i love everything she wore. They are so fit in her! maybe because she is so slim :P and her shoes… make me jealous! But ohmyGod, she's really pretty, own a very good photos and good clothes!

Same like XiaXue, her hair is flawless. Blonde! Asian blonde. She's just like a living doll, real barbie. I want her to be my big sister, lol :D I wish i can have her body and her clothes!

I don't know how old are them but they always look younger from me, because they're cute. Haha. Love their blog.


I think my english is bad. YES YES I KNOW. I think i should take course again or whatever. i started to forget all the grammars in English. But i still love writing in English. Haha. Sorry, pity me.. Btw, i joined O-week Committee, Orientation Committee for new student next semester :) Me and my boy become Advisor! it seems like only yesterday that i became an advisor for 2011 students. Time flies so fast.
Advisor is somebody who helped trainee (new students) for orientation weeks, someone like tutor for them. Most of O-week Committee is Advisors. This year we have 90 (if i'm not wrong) Advisors. Somehow it's kinda sad that some of them think that advisor is really pity (?) division. Nobody said it! But their action is just like that. And FSD (Security Division) seems really cool. Ya,ya, i know. That division is everlasting cool since i was in High school. I also signed for FSD, actually, but they didn't accept me. I just try. I bet my High School OSIS' friends gonna laugh at me if i really become FSD. But, being Advisor is really fun :) And for me it's the important (not saying the most) one, because we are the one who really close to our group. Although we'll gonna be so busy with them but it's okay. I mean, it's like we have a place to sit, place to be together. Accompany them and share stories with them :) Since Senior High, i always be this kind of committee, it called Class Tutor when i was High School. Different with college which each 10 trainee have one Advisor, in High School, every 2 Class Tutors have about 40 new students or one class! Really fun. Seriously \(^.^)/ *some tacky emoticons*

I think i will take some course for this middle holiday too. But before think that, i should done all of my assignment, duh. Feel lazier, lazier and lazier. Help me...

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