Running in Heels

by - May 06, 2012

i'm so emotional lately, don't know because i'm having my period or too much assignments and thoughts. Perhaps i have something for mood booster so i don't have to punch someone *pokerface*
I'm kinda addicted to something sweet than spicy lately, and i add chocolate to everything. this is how i eat banana.

full of chocolate drops :9 I'm trying Ritz Hagelslag because my boy said it's the deluxe version of meses Ceres. But i don't feel the difference, since i'm not a big fan of meses. Uniquely, on the back of the jar lid, there's a statement, which i forgot to take a pic of it. It's a statement of guarantee, if we isn't satisfied enough for the taste of the chocolate, we may return the chocolate to their factory and they will exchange the new one. It's kind of funny, because who will bother to ship chocolate because it doesn't taste delicious? Or maybe i can try when it is almost run out and i can have a new one for free. Ha. Maybe this makes the chocolate really has a good quality.


I bought a new pair of high heels after a long time, like, finally :) I had a lot of struggle when i wanted to buy this heels. The first time i saw those is when i went to GM with my friend, beatrice. She asked me to go to Next and looking for some clothes. Actually, every time i went to a good clothing store like Zara, Mango, Next and so on, i ALWAYS looked for shoes and tried some if the size fit my feet. Why Because my feet are really big. yes i'm a yeti because my feet are big and i got a white skin. But it's really big for women size in Indonesia, that i hardly find a good shoes, especially flat shoes and high heels that fit my feet. I'm around 40 - 41, but i mostly wear 41 now. How sad!
But then, i met this high heels. I just put it to my feet randomly, don't care the shoes look good or bad, i just need the size. then i tried this heels and it fit my feet, not too small, and moreover it's some kind like pump shoes. I rarely found a pump shoes for my size, if there are, it will always ended smaller than my feet so it will hurt. But this one is perfect. I love the color, the one that i always wanted because it's natural, not too tacky, simple, for every occasion, and the most important one, the heels aren't too high. Yes, i'm tall. if i wear a high heels, then i'm big, not tall. Somehow really looks like a yeti. But i love high heels, and that's why i don't have too much expectation to this kind of shoes.
When i looked the price, omg it's dropped my heart somewhere. 459 thousands rupiah and for me it's expensive. Moreover, when i asked my mom, she won't buy it for me because it is high heels. Please, i've checked my old heels and they're broken, like literally. Now i'm only have like one heels that really good to wear. I think so hard, whether i should buy it or not.

Why i should buy it :
  • It's 41
  • The model is good
  • The heels not too high
  • The color is natural
  • for God's shake, IT IS 41. perfectly on my feet.

Why i shouldn't buy it :

  • I have no money
  • my mom won't buy it for me
  • If i wait until May and i get my pocket money, i can buy it, but for a  month i will suffer and become really really stingy
  • I said i have no money. i have to save my money for iPhone.
And i keep thinking thinking thinking and i thought if one day i come back here and the shoes aren't there anymore, then it's not my luck. If the shoes are still there... then maybe i have to grab some?
The day was come. One day, me and my boyfriend went there, again. And the shoes were still hanging there, like waiting for me. My boy said it's good, makes me want to buy it immediately. after a long long thought, still had time for dinner and so on, before the mall was closed, i went back to the store and finally bought it. Half of my heart broke because I've never bought fashion equipment this expensive with my ow money -i swear i'm so stingy, but half of my heart sooo happy now i had a good heels to wear.


Yesterday, i had a dinner with my family to celebrate my cousin's marriage. I wore that shoes, and i went home MADLY. now it has two scars that highly visible and i've just been wearing it for once. ONCE. And already had scars. How sad i was, trying to wash it but it didn't change anything. I'm such a sloppy person, these kind of expensive things didn't fit me, i should know that. Little bit over drama, but i do really sad, honestly.



Days ago my mom taught me to bake Spiku Mandarin in her version of recipe. My mom used to sell it years ago, but now she doesn't because too much things to do. I always excited when i have to bake a cake, and i feel like i will like to learn it, and one day build a cafe for my own, lol. But sometimes, i still thinking that i have no talent at kitchen. So i just bake it for fun, i think. Stir the dough is part that i like the most. The dough seems really soft and tender, feeling like i want to throw it to someone's face, lol.

So i have learnt it and voila! Spiku a la Chef Sylvia and Emma.

We didn't add the chocolate one, because my mom realized the chocolate pasta was already expired when we were ready to mix the dough. lol.


Dinner for my cousin's marriage, yesterday. Congratulation for both of them :) sorry for the bad photos :( i can't handle event photography. Just food photograph, though...


I love the sky nowadays! So bright and the could was like cotton candy <3 But i can't accept the heat. SO DAMN HOT!! I need beach to neutralize it :(( I miss Bali so much..

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