Abraham Lincoln : Vampire Hunter

by - June 26, 2012

Anybody had already watched Abraham Lincoln : Vampire Hunter?

So much winning, but i don't know why i felt so sleepy and bored at some scene. Maybe i just too tired and sleep late last night. Cannot blame the movie! I don't know it's just a transformation of some new fiction history or the real history leaked, but yeah, good movie. And the best part was when he tried to catch vampire on the horses. I was like... whaaaat???

I'm not a good movie-reviewer, because most of average movies i rated as a good movie. But i closed my eyes for about half of the movie, because too much blood *faceplam* Sadist enough for me. But they absolutely didn't make it half-hearted, because every effect, setting and atmosphere composed really well.

I haven't read the book yet, but some source said it's better in words. Well, let's see. I'm not really into some political books, even it's just contain very little of the issue, but i will search the book.

And oh, oh, this guy had my eyes.

Dominic Cooper as Henry Sturgess.
No, i'm not saying he's handsome or what. I just say, he had my eyes. Or, you know what i mean la.
And how come he is Robert Downey Jr.'s father in Captain America?? He played for the Duchess too. I think it's his style to have a role as a gentleman in old days.



What i feel for the whole holiday..

Reading a book in cold room and cuddle with blanket and pillow. What a life...

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