movie marathon : snow white, lockout and MIB 3

by - June 01, 2012

ciao, people

I don't think i will get bored with this holiday because i have nothing to do, i have tons of plans! Maybe people who know my plans gonna get bored to hear it, lol. But it's nothing wrong for me. Example : i watched three movies in a row today! I'd never tried movie marathon before, so i think there's no problem to try it. And the conclusion is, i didn't get bored or tired to sit all day, but after the third movie, i though i got so dizzy because too much looking at the big screen, lol! So this is what we watched today..

Snow White and the Huntsman
Anybody had watched Mirror, Mirror before? No, i didn't watch it. But it seems Snow White and the Huntsman way much better than Mirror, Mirror? Just guessing from the trailer :P Basically, it was an exciting movie, because it's the same creator of Alice in Wonderland. Different from the original story, Snow White seems more powerful but still kind-hearted. I love the idea, i admire the effect and setting -as good as Alice in Wonderland, but i'm not really like the love chemistry that happened in this movie. Like.. really? I can't explain why, you should see the movie by yourself :P
But out of that, i like this movie! you can find a hawt demigod in here.....

It's about the prison in space. It got action and some jokes too. Haha, i had no idea what movie it is until i saw the spear-her-eyes-so-she-will-come-back-to-life scene. EUUUWW. Yes, little of this movie are some seen like that. The story isn't too bad, and the whole effect too. Good movie!

Man In Black 3
Fyi, i'd never watched #1 and #2 btw. But it's a entertaining movie, luckily it's not connected too much with the first and second, so i just need to know the basic story and i got it. The idea is similar like lockout, eh? i mean, prison, up in the space. But really different genre of movie.

i should be watching Viral Factor now, IT GOT JAY CHOU IN IT! ugh, why he has to come out with a beard like that.. looks like an old man.. *phew* but i think i'll get really confuse and forget the story of the movies easily if i watched for the fourth time today! Not really a movies freak, but i love watching movies. That's all :P

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