So bored, i could extinct

by - June 09, 2012

Bad news, people.
I'm dying for a real holiday and shopping.
....well not really a bad news but terrible for me because i can't do both of them! :( I wish i am in Bali now, eating seafood at Jimbaran and playing parceling tomorrow ;( or maybe at Mall, looking for some good clothes. I do really need shopping, okay D;
and the worse, no boyfriend today. No hang out. Ugh. My booboo, go home soon!

I always think about having exercise at gym this holiday. Yes for perfect body! I'm glad i lost some weight, even not really made a big change. But that's why i need to exercise! Gonna burn all fats and make a perfect-picture-actress-looks-like body, lol.

Chatime's Matcha Tea Latte
...not recommended. But the Pearl Milk Tea one is delicious!
Maybe i'm a fan of sweet drinks and it is not sweet enough so.... very japanese tea.. suitable for aunty or uncle who like this kind of tea. Not too sweet too!


In love with some short film on Youtube. I started to interest with video editing because of them. In this is why i want to have a new DSLR, which can take videos well, like Canon 60 DSLR. The rest reason, i still want semi SLR one. lighter than DSLR, and the quality is the same with my DSLR. Hiks..

I love the girl in Away We Happened because she's so pretty. And evidently, she's jen from frmheadtotoe. Beauty guru whom i usually watch on Youtube. Omg she looks pretty in this videos, and yes i love her!


" The hatred that you spread on me is expired and i'm not even hate you. Whatever it is, i'm not doing any wrong things, i thought. If no one yield like it's supposed to be, then no problem with me. I've seen God directed a great path for me, everything so great now, and that means to show how people really are. Period. "

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