The Amazing Spiderman

by - July 06, 2012

"We all have secrets: the ones we keep… and the ones that are kept from us."
Last monday, i watched The Amazing Spiderman with boyfriend and her sister. Before i talked about this movie, i had a confession; i never watched Spiderman. Ok, not literally, because i ever watched Spiderman, i think the first one, in fact i didn't watch it until it finished and as i remember, i didn't watch from the start too. So i just know a little about Spiderman, just like the background. I know he had been bitten by a spider, that's why he turned to a spider-man. But for the second and third -how many Spiderman movies? i literally never watched them. I know it's one of the coolest movie, but i still have never seen. OMG I AM SO OUTDATED! Nahhh, i don't even think about that, lol.
I am little bit excited to see The Amazing Spiderman, because it is starred by Andrew Garfield. Yes, he is handsome, since he played The Social Network, i knew he is handsome. That's why i was pretty excited ;) fufufu. I'm not really a good movie reviewer, okay. That's why, this post will bring more about Andrew Garfield. Don't blame me, i had told you before ;)

I never watched the complete series of Spiderman doesn't mean i don't know how was the movie back in 2002. Compared with the last one, i can say The Amazing Spiderman is definitely a good movie. I'm not a fan of a superhero movie, so if i said it is good, maybe that could be better. I didn't watch in 3D, because honestly me myself don't believe any 3D effects except cartoon or animation movies. Ups, maybe i'm kinda person who don't want to lose. That's why it's okay for me to watch this movie with non 3D effect. And i will be disappointed if i didn't watch How To TrainYour Dragon in 3D. Really something.

But i love the idea how they made the interpretation of the lizard. I mean, that's really scary and disgusting lizard, based on how many children who watched this movie. As same as how good they made the interpretation of the Peter Parker. In Spiderman 2002, i found Peter Parker wasn't as attractive as in The Amazing Spiderman, like, seriously. Well, forgive me if i wrong, because i never watched the second and third one. But i always think that Peter Parker is the person who really-really-very-absolutely pity, his life was miserable, surrender, truly sort for his life. Even then he turned into powerful Spiderman, i can't stop thinking that he is the most miserable person -at least, hero. That's why i didn't think that Spiderman is as cool as other heroes. But in The Amazing Spiderman, i didn't find that Peter Parker is a person like that. Yes, his life is miserable, but still looks cool and okay. I like the story this way. And for his girl, i love Gwen Stacy more than Mary Jane. Not because the cast, but they are a different person with different personality. Gwen Stacy looks very smart and a good girl, explicit but caring too. very different with Mary Jane, right?
Emma Stone, happy to be asked about the differences between Gwen Stacy and Mary Jane Watson, said that Gwen is a yin to Mary Jane’s Yang. Gwen’s a valedictorian, and has a great relationship with her father. Gwen falls in love with Peter Parker while M.J. falls in love with Spider-Man.”
-Emma Stone on the differences between Gwen and M.J.
Ok, i prefer Gwen Stacy ;)

I have noticed this sweet man since he played for The Social Network. Maybe he doesn't own a ideal muscle-man body, he is more like a skinny-tall guy. Uncheck for sexy body. So what does make him look so hawt? For me, his hair is number one. His accent is number two. No kidding. His hair always look messy, but it fits him, makes him looks more adorable ;) In The Amazing Spiderman, i like Peter Parker's attitude, especially to Gwen Stacy. He's so adorable, sweet and pampered, he looks like a cat for me, because the way he talks is just like a purring cat. fyi, i love cats ;)
Omg, i think i should add Andrew Garfield to my 'i'm a fan of' list.


As a normal girl, i never get enough for a romance story. Of course, i love Peter Parker and Gwen Stacy. How can i dislike this cute couple?

It's a superhero movie, not a romance movie. Maybe that's why in some way, their romance looks strange :/ If i am Stacy, i will super surprised if Peter Parker goes to my house for a very first time, and knock at my windows. Even there's a emergency stairs. Really weird.
But i still love this couple, because Gwen Stacy is a very smart girl, independent and emphatic. Peter Parker is more silence, but sweet, care and pampered. Two different personality, huh? The best way to make a romance story is to unite them. It all makes sense now.

Same like Andrew Garfield, i had noticed Emma Stone since she played for Crazy, Stupid, Love. I love her because she had a very amazing big eyes. And how she bring herself into the interview, very down to earth, friendly, humorous and smart. Being Gwen Stacy, she is the one who can role that girl, i think. However, she looks smart and independent herself, out of 'Gwen Stacy' role. And the last thing i love about her is her deep voice. Not much artist had that voice, which for me it's unique and fit to her personality.

I love seeing her with Andrew Garfield than Ryan Gosling, don't know why :P They are so cute together.

Look, how Peter Parker Andrew Garfield is! I don't know, but he looks like a adorable boy next door. And how lovely Emma Stone is ;) Super cute. Especially when Emma Stone laughed at Andrew Garfield, he was just like,"what? that's the truth..." and playing with his cuff of his jacket. I don't know, i was automatically smiling, lol. And he was still purring. Purr.. Purr.. ;)

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  1. Andrew garfield is so hot that Im gonna die.

    followed your blog, follow back mine? :D

  2. I really want to go see this movie since its got both Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone (loved her in Easy A). Thanks for your review on it :D X