Away We Happened, Jen from frmheadtotoe

by - July 02, 2012

Away We Happened is a short film produced by Wongfu Productions. I'm not saying this is the best short film, but they did a great job.

I adore that beautiful woman in Away We Happened. It's Jen from frmheadtotoe :) i think she's gorgeous, and she's a makeup guru on Youtube. She did her makeup very well and i always love her final look! She doesn't put it too harsh, but still gorgeous :)
The best thing of all is, her eyes are sometimes monolids, and sometimes had different lids between right and left eyes. For all of you who like searching for makeup tutorials for monolids, you should understand how amazing Jen it is. Yes, finally a great makeup guru for monolids!

i always tried to put makeup without eyelids tape, and it always messed up!! I don't know whether it's because my eyeliner isn't the good one or i just didn't do it right, but i can not do it like Jen ;( sadly.
She looks gorgeous even without eyelids tape, right? She's the true makeup guru. lol.

Maybe she isn't too happy to be called as 'makeup guru', but honestly, i think she is. She's more to a role model for other women :)


Btw, i made a little change to my blog, because i feel why my blog seems very narrow, so i tried to enlarge the look, and it looks relief, doesn't it? :) I deleted my Chat box because i found it's useless and annoying because 98% of the chats are spams. Sorry, that's really annoying for me. So, if you want to contact me or comment about my blog, it's ok to give a comment in my posts. It is such a pleasure to me.

#Julywish i hope this month gonna be great and everything goes well. Wishing to cupid for his luck because this month is my one year anniversary with my boyfriend! ;) and for the orientation weeks too. Hope for the best!

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