First Anniversary : Te quiero mucho!

by - August 06, 2012

They are photos for my assignment last year, a storybook. Well, i took the real story of me and boo. Like, literally.
I always thankful of God's planning, because of what He had done since that time. Call me over-reacted, but this kind of story is the one i will never forget for my entire life. Not a hundred girls could feel the same way like me. That's why i believe in fate. I believe in crossing path. I believe in God's plan. And i believe that this is not a fortuity.
If you get my story from my photos, then my storybook is succeed and i deserve more point for this subject, lol.

I've adore this person long ago, even before the early college. I saw him, in orientation week. Doesn't he look like Jay Chou? I was wonderstruck! I would not admit that i'd already love him at that time, because he even wasn't my friend. But you can imagine me as his Secret Admirer, or probably not secret because most of my friends knew that i like Jay Chou, and the only person that closest to Jay Chou was him --" Pretty reckless, Emma.
But somehow, being his girlfriend, even his friend, didn't cross my mind, even just a little. I just undergo the way it was, and i never asked more. Even i ever, it was just for joke. Because he was in a relationship at that time, what more i have to ask? Nothing. I was thinking, how lucky the girl is, and i cannot include it to jealous category, right? Just fine. And i went with my own life too. Let it be.
But somehow, i found my life little bit broken, something didn't work. At the same time, my friend told me that he was single. Wow, great. Then, what? I had to add him on Facebook? Or i had to ask my friend to introduce him? I would not do that, lol. So, let it be, again.
Surprisingly, he ADDED my Facebook first. And not to be joking, i calmed myself that he was only adding some random person who were in the same college with him. But then, he ADDED my Skype too (but later he admit that he used a program that could connect friends from Facebook to Skype. Thanks God, i used my stupid named email to make my Skype). Okay, but he CHATTED me first on Skype. HOW GREAT WAS THAT?? I was hysterical at that time. Imagine the guy you like chat you first, mind to intro? Wth, i will run around the housing ten times. Lol, i didn't do that.
Then, God crossed out path.

Thank you, thank you, thank you, God, for your amazing plan.
And once again, thank you, for this day.

Thursday, 12 July 2012.

What day was it?
Of course, it was the day that i've been wondering since year ago, and the day that i've been dreaming since years ago. It was our first year anniversary ♥▿♥ 

but sadly, I WAS SICK AT THAT DAY.
I was like... please, i've been thinking a lot of what i would do for that day, then i got sick, and every plan i've made ruined. If sickness is a person i would run over him and slap him in the face. Grr. I even didn't take any photos of our dinner, because i was about to puke at that time, and my present for boo..(۳º̩̩́Дº̩̩̀)۳ hikss. That present maybe doesn't expensive, but worth my ability, making a pin board when i was sick. Yes, i gave him a pin board, because first of all, he is a boss wannabe, he should have a place to pin all his plan. Second, the wall in his room was a mess with post it. Third, i just want to give him something useful, but he still can remember that it is me. I hope he likes it (even i am little bit doubt it TTATT) and useful for him.

So, a day before, i got a heavy pain and my body temperature got high. I couldn't move my body from bed, and i felt like gonna sleep forever. But i set the alarm, to wake up at dawn the next day, so i could cook for boo and come to his house early morning before we went to college. I thought i would get there before he woke up, but he already woke up!! huh.
I cooked with all of my strength. My head was so heavy, i couldn't think anything. But then, i still convoked myself to drive to his house! How romantic i am *narcissistic mode : on* but then, after i came to his house and gave my pasta, i was helpless lying there with no energy left and sleep until he was ready to go. Ugh. If it wasn't for important case, i would not go to the college. I still thinking, could i go with him tonight? If not....... TTATT i will cry 7 days 7 nights.

My mom personally messaged him to take me to the doctor -thanks mom. He accompanied me to the doctor, then after i got home, he was waiting for his driver to pick him out at my house, i was lying beside him on sofa, taking nap, and he was patiently let me sleep and waited for me to get up♥ thanks, boo!

I took a nap before night, but when i woke up, i felt like i would puke every time i could. Confused i could go for a dinner with him or not, then he decided to pick me up and went for a dinner.
He took us for a dinner in Gelato Bar, the place for our first date. And he gave me presents!

this is glow in the dark. How cute it is♥ He made this by himself, lol. So sad the glow only last for 2 days. I want guarantee for this! ;)

A necklace and earring!!♥♥ i love it so much, it's so adorable, i will wear it everyday.

I was feeling guilty, because i ordered but then i couldn't eat because i always felt like i would puke. We ordered ice cream too, but then he canceled it and decided to go home. I felt really bad. Worse, when he asked me to buy porridge at Tawan because i haven't eaten anything. omg, i love you boo.

Taking photo with the remaining power!! i feel like twins in this photo.

Breakfast : porridge from boo. Best porridge i've ever ate.

I felt totally better the next day and i ate a lot -hiks. Yes i'm desperately feel bad for that day, i wish i wasn't sick, so we could life the moment. But i'm really thankful he is understand and still accompany me. I love this boy, so much.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.
ヾ( ♡゚∇゚)ノ
Happy first anniversary, boo

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  1. omg!! emmaaaa you guys are sooo sweet together! btw, pacarmuuu muirip mbe km!
    jodoh! ;)

  2. Beautiful post, Emma!
    I really enjoy it =)

  3. happy first anniversary!
    lastlong ☺
    Just found your blog.
    Really love it ☺
    Following your blog now,mind to follow back my blog? ☺