you fit me better than my favorite sweater

by - September 06, 2012

The happiest thing i could have about you is when you miss me or asking me for a date, because you know, it's getting very rare to have a good date with you, and both of us are busy indeed. The time isn't right, and sometimes i wish i could sit down and talk about life with you at the most comfy restaurant or cafe, for hours -typical of my dream date. But somehow, i always don't know what to say or share when i'm with you, turns out to be a good listener, even actually there are lots of thoughts i want to share with you. And somehow, unconsciously, i miss you.
When you were inadvertent looking another woman, i just get pissed off easily. I don't like it because it makes me feel like i'm not good enough for you. It's been a while since my insecurity, that feeling when i realized i don't look good to be your girl, and i think it's not fair for you. Tried my best to be 'a girl', so you won't take your eyes off me. It sounds crazy but i can't hold my wishful thinking to make you proud even a little. It made me really insecure when you found a good-looking-like-100%-your-type girl and you just cannot take your eyes off her, even it is under your consciousness. That's why i get really moody and just wanna go far from you. If i talk or moan about this to you, i'm exactly gonna cry -idk why. Yes, i'm a type of person who cannot get angry, if i do, all you can hear isn't my anger but i will sobbed. And somehow, surely i will miss you like hell after that.
Sometimes i make you pissed off. Really pissed off, that you will get lazy to talk to me. But i hold my feelings and i apologetically apologize to you, because i'm afraid that anything would happen if one of us won't apologize, so i will take all the blame on me. I'm afraid i will losing you, because somehow, someday, i will miss you so much and it's hurt to know if that day i shouldn't miss you anymore. I don't want that to be happened.
If you notice, sometimes i will get really disappointed when we can't meet or go for a date. But i have nothing to say. When i waited the time when my class was finally over, the time when i could meet you, but then you were in a hurry to go home, i don't mind. When i wait for you even my class was over hour ago, don't ask why. I miss you, and i feel like gotta see you everyday. Even then you really want to go home immediately, i don't mind. As long there's a time i could meet you it's okay for me. Better than craving at night, want to see you like hell, because i miss you.

We both know that we will face a diversity and problems. But the best thing of all is we still stick together :) Life is better when you know the person you love, loved you back. I'm really grateful to meet you, boo.

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