by - January 03, 2013

BYE 2012, HELLO 2013!!
and first post of this year is my super cute face, lol. Ah, who cares. this is my blog anyway.

Can't believe we survived doomsday, yes?
2012 is DEFINITELY not my year. Lots of happy things happen, yes, but MORE on painful things. I hope 2013 will not be the same.

My 2013 new year eve was... really nothing. We ate dinner with family at home, but after nine, they were leaving. Then i waited until 12 like... there would be nothing happened, lol. New year eve in my family wasn't a big deal, we celebrate more on Chinese New Year. So.. yah, 12 o'clock, watching Tv, knew it had already new year, went outside to see some fireworks.

I should make some resolution for this year, shouldn't i? They said it is important to have one. I know... even i know i will easily forget my resolution and the end of the day i won't make once, lol. 

Or maybe i will end up like this, lol.
Okay let me think those and poster it on my wall.

I hope you guys have a very good holiday!

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2 comment

  1. Happy new yearrrr! Same with me, I didn't celebrate 01 Jan as well :3
    Your new follower here, xoxo you're pretty ^^


    1. hey there, thanks for reading :) happy new year!
      thankyouu <3 xx