Bangi Kopitiam : Have an Excitement Afternoon Tea!

Bangi Kopitiam is one of conceptual restaurant, which is originally from Malaysia. First time they opened in Surabaya, it was in Walikota Mustajab. I went there with my boyfie and quite satisfied with their service, interior and foods. Last time, we tried their branch in Spazio and will our comment about this big franchise restaurant be the same?

Their interior at their branch here is actually more comfy and homy, a little bit fusion of modern and vintage

I didn't take a photo but some of tables are made from old sewing machine table, so it has the treadle under which was impressed me because i like how they use old things to be unique, new and useful things.

Chicken Chop Rice
Fish Cake Foo Chok Mee
Chocolate butter toast
Unfortunately, the foods here taste so-so. I had to ask for more soup because their Mee was too salty (;-_-)ノ Chicken Chop rice was ordinary, like home cooking. But dessert will cheer you up! Bangi Kopitiam is actually famous for their toast. It taste good when hot, so you better eat your the main food first then order for toast. For drinks, of course they are around tea, milk, coffee, and bayley. They had a lot of drink choices, made me confuse all the time. If you want to have 'save' drink, then order for their ice tea tarik. 

They also had western menu such as burger and fries, western breakfast, ice soda float and so on. But just my suggestion, if it is Malay restaurant, then eat Malay foods! °˖✧◝(⁰▿⁰)◜✧˖°

Their price is mall-restaurant's standard, foods around 30000-40000 IDR and drink around 10000-28000 IDR (supposed to be, quite forgot! i should had a little note or take a photo of their menu next time). Nice place to have afternoon tea and snacks with friends!

Celebrating this beautiful lady here too! For their service, maybe i had to put my ten thumbs up (eh). Before she was there, we came and asked the waitress to keep the cake in refrigerator. After had melas, me and my friend said that we wanted to go to toilet but actually we go out and in again from their front door and asked the waitress to take the cake out now. One of their waitress was full in spirit and cheerful asked us if we want them to sing or not. I don't really know whether it is their actual service for birthday surprise or that waitress just really excited (゜▽゜;) We were unsure because there were only seven of us. But then the waitress accepted and tried to call other waitresses (which the other waitresses actuallly confuse of what he did), so he brought the cake out and sang very loud, me and my friends just followed him singing and clapped our hands. What a very satisfied service, no kidding. He's kind of very exciting person. If i were him i will not able to do that, lol. Thank you for singing! ≧(´▽`)≦

Bangi Kopitiam
Rate: ✔✔✔½

Jl. Walikota Mustajab No. 41 
[Telp 031 5455500]

Jl. Lingkar Dalam Boulevard 33, Spazio

Terminal keberangkatan Domestik SELATSAR lt.2
Bandar Udara International Juanda 
[Telp 031 70703033]

-------------------------------------------update August 13th, 2013-------------------------------------------

I thought it was only that time they cooked not really well (or i thought they hired new chef or whatever) but after a little survey, most of people said that it is not that good. The one in Walikota Mustajab is better, but even it's better, Bangi Kopitiam can't be the most wanted food because it quite so-so, or more delight for afternoon tea because their toasts are better than their foods. Unfortunately, i should change the rate: ✔✔½


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    1. hi :)) aku pakai Sony RX100, okelah buat kamera pocket :)
      you're welcome!

  2. Thanks for sharing.
    The store is so beautiful,the tea in it must be good.


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