Bonchon : not Ready yet?

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Have you heard that Bonchon is already open in Surabaya? They are open in Galaxy Mall, in front of Wendy's. It was about a week after Bonchon opened their table for the first time when we tried it. Actually we didn't eat the chicken wings which suppose to be most favourite menu on the list, because they said we had to wait for quite a long time to order that one. Moreover, hamburgers were also not available, wtf we supposed to eat (¬_¬)ノ So the menu is actually just fried chicken and chicken strips. Hm, maybe they didn't ready to serve bunch of people at that time, yet. Oh, well.

For price, honestly, i forgot how much, but i do remember that the price and the portion were not equal, even more if you are a boy (#´ー´)旦 How about the taste? Well, it is actually good. But if you give me a choice between Bonchon fried chicken with korean sauce and KFC fried chicken, sorry to say, i had to choose KFC ftw.

Speaking of korean chicken, do you know about Yong Chee Keen, fried chicken with korean style? It is in Technozone, Galaxy Mall, have no idea where else it is, but it is delicious and cheaper, tho. I like their fried chicken (kind of Chubby but they have crispy outer like KFC one) but my boyfie like their chicken wings over Bonchon's chicken. Well this is just a reference, I will review it someday!

When i asked about friends opinion, some of them saying Bonchon is so-so and the rest said it really doesn't taste good. I think their cooking quality still unstable because i thought it didn't taste that bad.



  1. Actually, it's not the unstable cooking whatsoever, it IS that bad. Sometimes it's salty, sometimes it's flavorless, sometimes even spicy. And the skin, which supposed to be crisp and glazed with a delicious sauce, tastes more like a rubber. Heran lihat orang-orang belain antri kaya gitu di GM, di SG aja ga laku kok. Ya gimana lagi, yang di SG aja ga enak, apalgi yg di Indo haha.

    1. oala emang nggak laku ya? Aku belum pernah coba yang di SG sihh, semua ngomong enak 4finger, lol. Iya antrinya wow banget. Biasa sih tapi orang Surabaya, pertama ramenya nggak nolong, lama-lama sepi.....


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