Last Saturday Hangout

QUICK POST _φ(°-°=)

I know this post is so random because lately i was rarely posting photos of me with my friends, and this is the post after long time postpone. Oh well, excuse me...

My bangs always look good when i'm about to sleep. And in this saturday hangout.. looked quite ridiculous, tho.
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#ootd, lol. I really like this shirt i bought months ago and this was the first time i used it, wth. I'd managed to use this weeks ago but i couldn't because buttons across my back were constantly loose themselves, wth. So i sewed them and finally i could use it!
Can't get enough of this photo because my legs look so slim omg. The magic of pose.

okay, nothing related in this photo, lol. This is the breakfast i made that morning, quite classic with the newspaper so i took a photo. Just an ordinary chocolate banana toast and a glass of coffee,
MKO Chicken Chop. I hope they gave a better name.
I've ever tried My Kopi-O! Chicken Chop before and the new one doesn't taste as good as the old one. Or maybe because it was in a hectic hour for every restaurant there --yes, so crowded, so their services were also bad. I hope they will get better eventually, It is my favourite cafe and restaurant, tho!