Mie Caribbean : Does Caribbean Love Noodle?

Have you ever heard about Mie Caribbean (Caribbean Noodle) ?  Okay, first-of-all, most popular food in Caribbean is not from noodle, it's Jerk Chicken ( ꒪Д꒪)ノSecond, Caribbean is tropical islands with very beautiful beaches and noodle isn't the first food i thought whenever i go to the beach. Maybe it's hot dog, barbecue, or whatever except noodle. So, there's a small restaurant at Mulyosari, Surabaya, called Mie Caribbean, and yes, its name so catchy, right. I went there wondering in my mind and went home with one clue.... but not really sure, tho. lol.

Their most favourite menu, according to the waitress, is Mie Dendeng, noodle with jerked meat. Nah, there's the clue. Caribbean typical food is jerk chicken. Both are jerk -LOL. Well played.

This is the first time i ate noodle with dendeng (jerked meat with sweet sauce), so i can say, i never find any dendeng noodle in Surabaya. The noodle is chewy and delightful. I love it because it's not like pickup noodle from traditional market or whatever. Perhaps they made their own or at least, they chose the good one. Unfortunately, the jerked meat itself isn't that good, wondering how if they used Bee Chee Hiang, lol. But maybe they will come a little bit pricey.

I ordered Mie Ayam Jamur (chicken noodle with mushroom) too and well, it's taste so-so, aside from their chewy noodle.

If you are a health-junkie, you can ask them to use olive oil in cooking. Lol, that's new.
The price is okay, because it's a small restaurant. The noodle is around 15.000-17.000 IDR, and drinks for 2000-5000 IDR. Cheap la compared to their taste that quite good, it's worth it ヽ(´・`)ノ

Mie Caribbean
Rate: ✔✔✔
Jl. Raya Mulyosari 104, Surabaya
(031)593 7093