My Favorite Menu: De Excelso

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I think i will not do a review over this cafe because the quality is reliable. De Excelso has my forever favourite drink, even it is winning my heart over Chatime's Pearl Milk Tea (seriously). However, De Excelso is quite pricey to be an 'everyday' drink ヽ(●-`Д´-)ノ--Booooooo!

When i was in high school i quite often had a brunch or afternoon snack here with my mom. Good memories(♥ó㉨ò)ノ♡ Mom had a lot card and De excelso seldom has a good promo over them, lol. I was too young to hold a card at that time, so i put this place as a place that i-can-only-go-with-my-mom.

And this is my favourite back in time!

Choco Chips Frappio
This drink is THE BEST of THE BEST, because it contain so many choco chips. I can't get enough of this drink, and never tempted with any other drink when i go to this cafe. Like.... this drink is.... God....

Club Sandwich
And this one is like, everyone's favourite, lol. They have a good sandwich, tho. I like Excelso Sampler too, but if you want to full your tummy, then sandwich is.

Avocado Frappe (lol, forget the name. It is Avocado)
This one is the most popular drink here. I know everyone order for this, but still, i'm not tempted. Even after tried it, i still gave my heart for Choco Frappio. Ugh, sorry. It's quite bitter for me. Well, delicious or not, it is sense of taste, right?