Pancious: a Bite of Miles Crepes

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I officially had dinner at Pancious!! After a long time i just sat there, watching my friends eat, that Saturday night, me and my friend planned to eat there.

I ordered pasta too, but the picture color tone is so bad, makes the pasta looked worse. I ordered for tuna pasta, and it was delicious --and pricey, tho. I don't think i'll order their pasta again because compare with the price, it become so-so, lol.

i know it's not clear, but this photo is the best of the other, sorry.
So let me introduce you my dessert, Choco Bailey Miles Crepes!

Chocolate Bailey Miles Crepes
So many of my friends already warned me, if i want to eat here, i should not order too many dessert, or order extra pancakes, or waffles, even with the portion of the ice cream, looks like one pancake isn't enough. So does the Miles Crepes. It is so thick, plus ice cream, it will make you really full until you find yourself not sure if the dish is actually yummy or not. But well, my friend already tried their pancake so she asked me if it is okay to order Miles Crepes. Well, it always okay for a dessert!

Actually i like it. And they right, tho. Eating a bowl of pasta and a dessert at Pancious is not really a good idea because i was already full, so the last bite was like... i can' anymore.... But it tastes good and i'm looking forward to come back here. Just to eat dessert, tho.


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