Second Anniversary : You Fooled Me!

This post is not about food (although i took pics of my foods too), but this is about my love life. The plan is, i will post it a month after the event but i totally forgot to post, wth. So i will just post it now before i decide to wait for next month and forget to post it again. I recently always feel cheesy when i'm about to write a post about my life. Formerly, i made my very first blog on 2006, when i was in junior high school and it only had 3 posts about my exam, and this is how i write :

YesterDay i HaD a QuiCk TesT..,
It WaS ReaLLy HarD!!
I HoPe TheRe'S a MiRacLe oR SomEthiNg..,
WiSh mE LuCk!!^^

Wth i feel so retarded, lol (¬_¬)ノ The only difference was i used Bahasa Indonesia. Made it even more tacky. When i was in senior high school, i decided to delete that blog and made another blog. At that time, layout using CSS was booming. I decorated my blog by colourful free templates, and add some playlist in it. My posts were about everything happened in my life, but most of it just some photos i edited with my 'tacky' skills at that time ఠ_ఠ (you know, tacky pose with contrast colour, tried to make it vintage, add some heart or tacky quotes somewhere, gave my cheeks blush and red on lips, even eyeliners and  contact lens.....) and yes, just my ordinary life in school, or maybe what i'd recently listen to.
The worst are my posts about my love story. It's begin with how i was happy meeting my man, or maybe i had crush on someone, bla bla bla bla (read: unimportant 'unyu-unyu' words and emoticon). One day i was so brokenhearted that i wrote pathetic posts about how i miss the time, how sad i was, so on. Plus, i wrote in Bahasa Indonesia mixed with English like... wtf ヾ(´A`)ノ゚ Those tacky kind of posts kept posted until few months. It was in my very longest blog i've ever own, i think i still wrote in the same blog address until i was in collage. Over time, i started rarely posting and one day, i realised, i had to delete this blog because it has too many trash in it (read: unimportant posts, i can't even delete it one by one because it was too many!). When you write a blog and you publish it, it will become your brand or cover of your life, because your posts are how people will assumed you. Even lots of my friends had know my old blog, but i found it's a shame and i have no regret to delete it. Who knows if my word in my old post was actually annoying or hurt someone or harm myself, because i was tend to post everything. However i still miss writing, so i made this blog right after the day i had my 19th birthday. Well, i'm 20th years old already and 21th this december so i hope i had been mature enough to know what i should post on my blog and what's not, and how to write it. I'm still learning anyway _φ(°-°=)

Enough of prologue, i rid off my cheesy feelings and once again, this post belongs to my loved one! (‘∀’●)♡

12th July is our anniversary, and we have been together for 2 years! Okay this is the second prologue (i'm sorry to make you bored with so many prologue) ⊙︿⊙
Months ago, my boyfriend had told me that his favourite soccer team will come to Indonesia. He definitely wanted to see, but he said that they will come on 12th July, coincide with our anniversary. Well, i just think it's okay, i mean, it could be once in your life to see them, who knows? I thought that we still could meet up in the morning and he went to Jakarta on noon, anyway. Then, one week before 12th July, he said that he would go there on 11th. I was surprised, he said, he had told me before but all i remembered the event was in 12th. And actually, the soccer event was in 13th July so i just feel like.. what you missed our anniversary just because you want to shop in Jakarta.. I didn't know what to say. At first i was just fine but when it was closer to 12th, i felt really sad and brought myself to bad mood. 10th, at night, i gave my anniversary gifts which unwrapped, i just put it in paper bag (∩︵∩) I was too bad mood to wrap them, lol.
11th, he even denied me to take hime to the airport because he had class before and directly went to airport after that. Okay, fine, i thought. Whatever (T⌓T) I was sad because last year, i was sick when we had our anniversary and i could not enjoy my dinner, then we didn't meet when anniversary (っ˘̩╭╮˘̩)っ Well oh well.
11th night, nothing to say, he had to sleep, so did i.

12th July, in the morning.
I was still in my dream when somebody knocked my door loudly and annoyingly. I thought it was my brother so i trotted to the door, opened the key and ready to scold. I didn't wear my glasses, everything i saw was blur. But then i realise it wasn't my brother, it was someone i expect had gone to Jakarta, standing in from of my door (´⊙ω⊙`)! He rushed in to my room and put everything on my dressing table and said happy anniversary. I couldn't describe my feelings. Happy, relieved, sleepy, ashamed and angry at the same time ( ꒪Д꒪)ノ I kept saying 'why you are here', 'i thought you are in Jakarta now' and 'you are so meaaannn' over and over again because i didn't know what to say. He fooled me again, ugh ヽ(●-`Д´-)ノ
He brought a doll, a cake and gift. I wanted to cry but i couldn't. I kept whining when he asked me to put the candles on the cake and he said we had to hurry because at 9 we will go to have brunch and at 12 he had to be in airport already because he actually fly today. What the hell, nduty! (¬、¬)

Oreo Miles Crepes from La Reia. It is really nice!

The doll he gave me and my gift. It's little hulk! You can imagine, my face when i saw him in front of my room is the same with this hulk's face. roar (ノಠ益ಠ)ノ

My very 'original' face, with no touch of makeup and freshly after wake up. Look at him, so happy huh o(-`д´- 。)

I felt like it was my birthday because he gave me surprise and best gift, i only gave him unimportant things that even unwrapped well!! Not my fault. I immediately getting ready and at 9, we went to brunch. He brought me to Platinum Grill.

Taraa! Me after makeup and everything, lol. Yes, yes, very different with my sleepy face up there. Makeups are made to make you beautiful. If you expect me to still look like my creepy face up there, you can say my makeup skill sucks, then.

 roar. roar. roar. roar.

Ordered egg benedict. Honestly i was surprised with the small size, but my brother, who used to live in Melbourne, said that some brunch is actually served small, because you will have lunch after that, right. But no doubt, it's delicious.

Nduty ordered sandwich. It was glut because the portion is bigger than mine. The french fries are really nice!

We had a very nice brunch and photos, then directly went to airport. We waited for a while until the call for his plane. When he left, i knew i want to be with this guy, forever.

Call me overdo like a teenager, but you will understand when you finally find the one you love and everyday, he or she makes you more in love with him or her. You never know when it comes, but when it does, sparks fly and butterflies in your stomach are going crazy. He is not perfect. He didn't always make my day. But between all cranky feelings, there is one thing, not big but it's flickering and give you power to make everything looks better. Every time i saw him, this thing trembles. I feel so good when i am with him. He's right, maybe i can't look to far and he can't promise me a 'happily ever after' ending, but so far, we hope everything's good.

Thanks for every love you give me, every kisses you shower me, every hugs you bind to me and every second you spend with me (。’▽’。)♡ For this time, i believe in love at first sight, it didn't bring me to the wrong path. I love you more each day, maybe everything i give to you isn't the best, but my feelings to you no need to doubt. Kisses and hugs, ♡xx (ɔˆ ³(ˆ⌣ˆc)


this is a video i randomly shot when having brunch. I have no filming skill before, this is my first time actually. Sorry for bad quality (*゚ー゚)ゞ