Short Trip to Tretes-Trawas, Pandaan

Hello, birdie! ヾ(^∇^)
I am labeling myself as a wanderlust, believe me, i am. I don't know why people are so lazy to aboard or go to a new place. There are lots-lots-lots of beautiful places in the world with pretty historical background or even magical nature works you should see by your eyes. In fact, even this place sounds worthless for you guys, i still want to go to Mexico to see Mayan's and Aztec's places with my own eyes, or maybe Hanging Gardens of Babylon, wtf they are so cool!! (⊙﹏⊙✿) And maybe 31 Rue Cambon, if you know what i mean. I still don't know why people, with money and savings, refuse to travel around the world, i mean.. for me it is even more precious than your branded and luxury clothes. Hell, i am full of jealousy with kind of people like that. (/゚Д゚)/ Beware.

But please, let's go back to the real world. This is not (yet) the story of me taking selfies in Mexico or Greece. Just me, and my boy, went to Trawas-Tretes, Pandaan, East Java, last Eid holiday. Very ordinary, right? But i was quite happy, at least, go somewhere. Thanks, Nduty!

Warning : you will probably see more selfies than my last posts here.

Hello, it's us, and some shadow cover my face. I was wearing glasses because my eyes irritated days before, so for a week i gave my eyes a rest from contact lenses. 

The first stop is my mom's graveyard at Sukorejo. Been a long time since last time we went there, so we thought it was the right time, since the road was really deserted! And the graveyard was also deserted. I thought i will surrounded with local residents who ask for money like they did every time we go there. But there's no one. Why can be like this forever.

When we were on the way, the sun was blazing over us, and i forget to bring umbrella like i did every time i went to graveyard. It will be so hot because the trees we planted haven't growth yet. But when we were close to graveyard, there was a cloud cover the sun and my boy said, maybe your mom knew we were going to visit her. Well, when we got out from the car, it was seriously not blazing at all, just a warm weather and a little wind. After prayed, cleaned up the place and sat for a little while, we were just thought maybe we would leave after this when suddenly sun stroke down and blazed over our head. And he said again, well probably your mom allowed us to go now.
I think my boy statement was quite funny ≖‿≖ I know he wasn't serious, but i imagined my mom did that.. pretty reasonable. She was the one who always got angry if i didn't cover my face from the sun, she was always afraid my face will covered with spots because i was lazy to put sunblock. Omg, i miss her too much (ಥ_ಥ)

It's okay mom, i always wear BB cream now. BB cream had nice sunblock, i suppose. 

Then the culinary begins!
We went to Bu Sri first. Bu Sri is a famous restaurant with her signature dish, grilled chicken. Honestly, i am not a big fan of here because i feel there's nothing special in her dish. But this place had opened for a long time ago and it's like number one most wanted place when go to Pandaan because almost of you family like it. Well, my boy didn't want to eat there either, so i just dropped by to bought Beras Kencur (indonesian herb) for my father. I didn't expect that Bu Sri was that crowded... ((((;゜Д゜)))

Even for take away queue. Wtf holiday season lolol.

I was trying to take a pic of how crowded the parking lot (my boy waited at the car because we couldn't park our car anywhere), but it turned out i was like trying to take a pic of expensive sport cars gang form in line in the parking lot lol. And it doesn't look crowded at all. But it was.

Me and my boy actually more excited to eat Soto Gondrong than Bu Sri, lol. It was also crowded, but  finding table for only two person isn't that hard.

Soto Gondrong is different with kind of soto in Surabaya (ex: Soto Cak Har) because i think they use coconut milk, it had sweet flavour in it, and probably the koya (coconut grater for soto's topping) is mixed with brown sugar or palm sugar. And it is deeeeeeelicious. Very. Really.

It's 2 p.m. already. We thought we still could have satay or bakso, but turned out too full..(꒪⌓꒪)
But we still wanted to try, tho.

It's bakso Tretes Raya, in front of Tretes Raya Hotel of course. My niece recommended this one, and because Sate hotel Surya was sooooo crowded too, we tried this one. The place to eat was so small, and it was crowded too, tho. But again, it's not that hard to find a table for two.

Actually, I have no special feelings with bakso here. I am still agree that bakso in Surabaya, such as Bakso Bonet, is more delicious and always my favourite. But i don't say that Bakso Tretes Raya is not delicious. It is, because it had only a little starch, it is like whole meat. I don't really like starch meatball, instead my boy like meatball with starch, lol. But i still choose bakso Bonet over this one.

And aslo satay. Even they famous satay stall in front of hotel Surya is not my first obsession. I think they sell many kind of satay, such as rabbit and coconut satay, but i still choose Sate Dharmawangsa over sate surya. This one is Sate Tretes Raya, the same place with bakso, and i think it has the same taste with Sate Surya, but they don't have rabbit satay. Probably for you who like to eat at Surya Hotel's stall should try this one.

After eating and eating, we went around Trawas to see good villas. A lot of big villas and some of them are gorgeous. We wish we had villas, one day. In here, or Bali. Lol.

Last selfie at gas station!
Thanks Nduty for taking me away ♥~(‘▽^人)