Fabbrica : Nicely Done Concept

Phew! It's been a while since my very last post. I'm lack of writing ability lately (;´・`)> *excuses*

Yes, this time it's about Fabbrica, new restaurant in Spazio. Oh well, i actually had gone to this place long time ago (almost 2 months, maybe?) but i haven't posted it yet. I hope this post still categorised as a 'helping' post to you, epicurean!ヾ(o・ω・)ノ

Fabbrica is a very cozy place to hangout with friends because it has an extraordinary interior. Fabbrica in Italian means manufacture or factory, which is delivered so well in its interior and waitresses uniform. Yes, some of them use look-a-like construction clothes as uniform, which is my friend told me they look like Bob The Builder, lol(ΦωΦ) Unfortunately i don't have a photo of them. Let say i just want to make you curious.

Fabbrica also had a bar -or maybe you can called it a pub? in front of the restaurant. Once again, the interior is superb. It's like a box of glass house but designed like manufacture office, very well. Oh, i'm not trying to promote Fabbrica or else, this was pure from my heart *cough* I like their interior very well for their totality in getting the atmosphere of Fabbrica itself. I am a designer student, remember? Everything that relate to design is exceptionally important, guys. I remind you.

And you can see a glimpse of Bob The Builder a.k.a the waitress beside the bar. Well, if you can find it *grin* (`∀´)

I felt satisfied to be able to take lots of restaurant interior because when i arrived here, it hadn't been crowded yet. Sometimes, i can't take photos of restaurant interior because too many people looking at me, taking picture with my compact camera. I feel like tacky, lol. There's a time when people give you more respect if you bring DSLR rather than compact camera. Like, seriously. Or any camera that more alike with DSLR. But i'm not sorry. I love my mini camera.

Okay, let's move to the food.
Fabbrica has complete menu, from appetizers (salad and soup), main dish (italian and american), desserts and beverages (alcohol, non-alcohol, milkshake, etc). The foods are about 50.000 - 78.000 IDR for pasta, 58.000 - 235.000 IDR for western foods (steak, hamburger, and so on), 32.000 - 58.000 IDR for appetizer, 68.000 - 100.000 IDR for pizza, and 18.000 - 40.000 IDR for drinks. All are not including tax yet. Applause for me to write complete prices for the first time, please. Well i have to remember to take a pic of restaurant's menu every single time, then. lol.

This one is Fabbrica Ultimate Burger, with premium beef, bacon, eegs, lettuce, onions and french fries. Not bad, tho.

This one is Fettucini Meat Sausage, with sausage of course. The sauce is cream sauce, kinda same with carbonara. Served with french toast.

This one is Meatball Spaghetti. Well, you can say it's spaghetti bolognese, kinda same, lol.
The pastas taste okay.

I put my watermark far away (i had upload this pic for long time ago), hoping nobody crop it and steal it. Wtf seems so impossible, lol. People nowadays.

This one is Lychee Squash, served with lychee itself. This one is good.

After all, i can say the foods taste okay, but compare with the prices (which is quite pricey for me), it's so-so for me. It tastes like.... not really 'wow' enough to bring me back here. But i did some observation (read: eavesdrop) from instagram, some of my friends said that they had miles crepes and cakes, which taste very good! Wtf i didn't see any miles crepes in the menu when i went there, tho.
And for other foods recommendation, from friends in instagram, are ravioli and pizzas. Most of them said it's good. Don't forget the miles crepes.

Best way to have a great meal is have it with people you love. Sitting in a table together and talking about life :) Yes, we did have a great time! ヽ(^▽^)人(^▽^)人(^▽^)ノ

Rate : ✔✔✔
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