#Latepost Recap : August - September 2013

I've been absent for weeks (i think almost two months, tho) ╭(๑¯д¯๑)╮ to regularly write a post. Yesterday i kept thinking how excited i was back in high school to write a post for my blog everyday (even the posts were not important, lol). Assignments are getting crazier since college days and as people say, older you are, less power you have... I feel like i am wasting my time everyday with more sleep and inattentive work at home (シ_ _)シ So this is a post of everything i wanted to post (in my mind when i took these pics, but when i arrived home, i wasted my time with lazy things again and forgot to post...).

I finally had tried Nasi Bali Cik Ing! It had moved to Cik Ing's house, but not to far from Sctv. Nasi Bali is very famous in Indonesia, for its delicious babi guling or suckling pig, satay and spicy red onion chilli. Usually i bought Nasi Bali Peneleh, beside Peneleh Graveyard. Well, i have to say that Nasi Bali Peneleh is still winning my heart (♥ó㉨ò)ノ♡ It is tastier than Cik Ing. But i don't say that Nasi Bali Cik Ing is not as tempting as Nasi Bali Peneleh, tho!

The Rock Resto, for me, is good restaurant which serves Australian breakfast. It had been a long time since last time i ate here. You know, they don't actually only sell breakfast or brunch. I tried other dish, Rhino spaghetti carbonara and it tasted so good! Especially for their mushrooms! My boy ate Pork Rice and it was good too ヽ(*≧ω≦)ノ I don't know why we rarely eat here because it's good, tho. And for dessert, it's bread pudding with chocolate ice cream. I have never ate bread pudding before and for the first time, i like it! The bread was still warm when it was served, and it melted in my mouth ≖‿≖ Try it!

Sharetea had became my new favourite drink, besides Chatime. Favourite menu is Cocoa Rock Salt & Cheese and taste SUPERB (ノ> ◇ <)ノ♪ Duh i wish i had one right now!

August 28th was my boyfriend's birthday but i am too sad to write a post because the surprise didn't go well :( Ah but whatever 。゚(゚ノД`゚)゚。 I will write it for the next post.

September 15th was my grandma's 92nd birthday. It held at XO Cuisine, Grand City Mall. Around 70 members came, children, grand children, great grand children and other family :)

September 19th was Evan's nephew, Cliff's birthday! On September 22nd they held a party at Gandaria Hall, with minions birthday theme! Cliff is very cute, right? ;)

September 22nd was my best buddy, Beatrice's birthday! We came early before she went to the church to bring her breakfast, lol (it's just a mcd breakfast. Sorry lah). Wish you a very merry birthday!! Look at my pillow face, duh.

She invited us to have dinner at Myong Ga! Last time when i ate here, i was still a little kid, i don't even remember what i ate, i only remember i ate the baked egg, lol. Just pretend this is the first time.
I think this is most famous korean barbecue, because lots of koreans went here. Beatrice ordered a lot and we went home with a very full stomach. Thank you! It was a very pleasant dinner :))

September 28th was Ce Evi and Ko Benny's wedding. Ce Evi is my cousin's cousin. So how i should explain 〈(゜。゜) Ah you know lah.
I like that roses duckling decoration! My boy took my photo blurry..

It's photoshoot time with Frere Photography! My kindergarten's friend, Jessica, asked me to join her photo shoot! And it turns really good, right! I'm sooo into the colour (*⌒ヮ⌒*)
Go to Frere Photo's website for more info and portfolio.

I think that's all, the recap of August-Sepetember 2013.
Random photo of me and boo!

Please excuse my bangs.
Oh, haven't you seen my very old school bangs?

I think i should cut it more shorter but boo won't let me(Ω_Ω)i really into pin-up rockabilly lately, i even replay Rum n Coca Cola, originally by The Andrew Sisters and Candyman by Christina Aguleira, sooo many times.

Have a nice day!