Opus Jay 2013 World Tour

Ni Hao! ヽ(*⌒∇⌒*)ノ
I haven't posted about my boyfriend's birthday yet i have to post this very thrilling post fast! (because right now i am in post-thrilled (*^ワ^*) so i think i can write this post quickly and nicely. Even the fact is i write this post in three different times because i didn't have enough time)

Call me old school, but i started fangirling Jay Chou (周杰倫) since i graduated from senior high school (2010). I realised i was so late, like the first song that ever published was in 1999 and his songs were hits when i was in junior high school. One day, my piano's teacher tell me that Jay Chou, Taiwan singer and actor, is very multi talented. He can play piano, violin, guitar, VERY PROFESSIONAL, and singing, being an actor and film director as well, that's why people said he is arrogant (-ε- ) Before my teacher told me and lent me Secret (不能說的秘密), i didn't even know that he could be that adorable and VERY talented. I always think he's just another singer, especially mandarin singer whom i don't know the language.

But then i went home, and saw the movie she had lent me. And i was like, wtf, this guy is cute as drug and his piano skill is beyond what i expected. How come i didn't fangirling him for a long time ago?!! ƪ(♥ﻬ♥)ʃ  I've been fangirling Justin Bieber before (really. I remember how mad i am when my friends mocked Bieber at that time. Lol) because i think he's super talented with all the singing, playing guitar and piano things. But Jay Chou, especially him in Secret movie.... you got to be kidding me. I am his fan ever since (๑°꒵°๑)・*♡

 And this also became my reason why i had a crush on my boyfriend, 3 years ago lol.

After a long wait for Jay's fans, finally he made a first time concert in Indonesia. He never came to Indonesia for a concert before, and this is the first time. Oh well, all of his fans were going crazy, including me. I was really in high doubt to go or not to go. I don't have any friends who like Jay Chou. I think now everyone is sooooo into K-Pop and they would be like.. what? Jay Chou? What era is this?? ┐( ̄ヮ ̄)┌

But finally i made a decision to go before i regret it in the future. My very kind, handsome, and gentle boyfriend was willing to accompany me! Couldn't thank more (ʃƪ ˘ ³˘) And i got my friends to share room in apartment as well, so my father allowed me to go. At least it's not only two of us... and at least i could watch Jay's concert!!!!

This is the map of the seat and the price. It is freaking expensive, ikr!!!! I was so in doubt.
The concert was held at Mata Elang Internasional Stadium (MEIS), Ancol, Jakarta. A lot of K-pop artist also held concert in here. I was confused to decided which seat i should buy. It's so disappointing the official web (or MEIS itself) didn't show the photos inside the concert arena. I have never been to any concert before. How if people like me, who never went to any concert at MEIS, want to know the inside so we can decide which one we should buy? Internet is so freaking fast lately, i mean, this is modern era. Don't tell me to go there and see by myself. I felt like i was in blind date. Eenie Meenie Mo.

So i did some research and asked my friend who ever attended Big Bang's concert at MEIS too. I found some photos inside the stadium, but it was in very low quality and not obvious. After 2 weeks since i decided to go, i finally bought Silver Right one. I was confused between Bronze center, right or left, but my friend said don't sit on right or left side. The stadium isn't in oval shape, it's more like square shape. It's gonna be a lot of light effect, so the perfect seat must be in the middle. Then boyfriend said, Bronze Center is too far away. And finally, i got my seat in Silver Right, H-17 and H-18. Far away, i know! But what can i do? Too expensive!! ʅ(。◔‸◔。)ʃ

Okay, finished with the doubt things, i will discuss inside the building later in another post.
Let's move on to DAY H!

We had super morning flight, 05.20 AM. The earliest flight i have ever had.
But i was too excited to sleep in the airplane.

So i watched movie instead. (but after few minutes i got bored)

Jay gracefully landed in Soekarno Hatta airport, Jakarta. I slightly jealous to those men in Batik ಥ‿ಥ They acted so cool like wtf you two walked with Jay Chou. If i were you, it would be the best moment of my life. Both of you should remember that.............. *sob*

After we landed in Jakarta, we immediately went to Mediterania Apartment. We lent a room there, because it's near shopping mall and centre of the city. Quite far from Ancol, but i think we need the shopping time as well. Especially for my two friends who didn't watch Jay's concert.

Our first snack after landed in Jakarta. This is Crispy Puff and for me, it's soooo delicious. I like the curry one and the crust is crispy and melted in my mouth as well. Actually we went to Central Park, but it's too early and no store had opened yet.

Then we back to apartment to unpack and dispart our destination. My boy is so enthuses to try Union. He said it is in Senayan City, but after we got there, he found that Union was in Plaza Senayan, right across the Senayan City. Before running there, let me take a photo of myself...

.....of the difference between Mall in Jakarta and in Surabaya.
I found many cool conceptual restaurant and cafes here, as well with the mall. Senayan City has a good interior but we had no time to explore it. So far, Central Park is still winning.

So, now we were moving to Plaza Senayan, and immediately went to UNION. Unfortunately, the famous cafe had not opened yet. We went there at 10 AM and they open at 11 AM. So we walked around and go back there at 10.45 AM. My boy was afraid we didn't have Union's famous Red Velvet because a lot of people ordered that. So we waited in front of the door.... and people started to come and queueing. More crowded... more crowded... and made me more curious how good is this place ʕʘ̅͜ʘ̅ʔ My clock showed 11 AM and the door still closed. So we wait... again..... in front  of the door..... awkward... and finally the opened at 11.15 AM. It did immediately get full after we got in. I thought, people who went to this mall this early supposed to be in this room, right now.

Turned out i really like the interior. It's like Great Gatsby favourite cafe, very vintage yet classy at the same time. The waitresses also very friendly, with two security in front of the door (i got more curious of their dine, how crazy this cafe so you have to have securities for your cafe inside the mall).

Me and my boyfriend only planned to eat the red velvet because we wanted to eat at other place.

I have to be honest. I have never loved Red Velvet cake this much before. I always think that Red Velvet cake has nothing special and so confused why people so thrilled to it. I have never found red velvet like this in Surabaya. The cheese cream doesn't taste unnatural salted and the cake is soft. The nuts over the cake finely chopped to powder and served big (★^O^★)
Well, it's quite pricey. 75k IDR for this one slice of best Red Velvet.

With my boo. Miss him already!

I also got Fashionary from Kinokuniya Bookstore! So happy!!
The we off to Plaza Indonesia and Grand Indonesia.

Didn't do much in here. Just shopping and looking around. My left foot was hurt and we still kept walking. No time, he said. We had our lunch at Chopstix, Plaza Indonesia. Oh well, it didn't go as we expected. Taste so-so, in my boyfriend fried noodle, the veggie hadn't cooked well.

Okay, can i go on? Because after this we headlong to MEIS, Ancol! The time is now!! °˖✧◝(⁰▿⁰)◜✧˖°

Only at this time i finally didn't feel my foot hurt.
The stadium was near the beach and crowd of people had waited there. After we exchange the ticktets, we waited inside the building. Fortunately the building had been finished, because the last time i did research on google, some people posted the building inside was still in renovation and hadn't furnished yet. I felt so grubby and hoping i could go home and took a bath. But whatever with how i was look like, i am going to watch this superb concert for sure. This is me, presenting boyfriend's most glory basketball shirt ≧(´▽`)≦

You know what basketball shirt is that. But absolutely the original one isn't called ILLUZION28..

I wish i could play basketball indeed.
Yes, i am tall. No, i CANNOT play basketball at all. I can't even dribble the ball while running, the ball will run itself, and i turn to be chasing the ball. Really.

And fyi, before i went to Jay's concert, i never finished watching Kung Fu Dunk. Weeks ago my boyfriend downloaded the movie for me. Fyi, i can't speak Chinese. I don't know the meaning of Jay's songs, and don't memorise the lyric well. I don't even know the titles in Chinese, only few which the popular one. I know some of them in English, ex: Mine Mine, Sailor who Afraid of Water, Hair Like Snow, Fragrant of Rice Field, Faraway, Curse of Golden Flower...... It's really hard to memorise when you can't read Chinese. The title even doesn't show up in iTunes and turns to be like symbol. I could be the lamest fan in the world but he killed my heart in Secret. Those fingers on piano.... Crazy ♡(˃͈ દ ˂͈ ༶ )

We waited for a looong time, since i was so excited and butterflies in my stomach flied crazily until so bored waiting and hungry..

I arrived at Ancol at 4 PM because i was told by email that 5 PM the tickets-exchange counter is closed. I really afraid we would late because traffic in Jakarta is crazily normal and moreover the taxi driver said he actually didn't know where MEIS is. Luckily we arrived on time and still had time to take photo around the place (i mean, photo with big poster of Jay Chou, tho). As my first time to watch a concert, i felt so weird to see people with same reason in one room. I rarely met friends who like Jay Chou nowadays and it's not odd. Jay has started and hit the media since 1999, time flies and today is K-pop era. Now i stood here with people who crazy about Jay, i felt very funny.

So, the poster said that the show would started at 6 PM. 5 PM the gate will be opened. At 5 PM, people already queued in front of the gate-check. And we were FINALLY allowed to walk in at 6.30 PM wtf. Then we wait again until the lights finally off at 7.30 PM. I don't know what happen behind the stage but bitch please. At least you give us snacks or what la.

Okay, no prob. At least i can see Jay.

Dear boyfriend, thank you for your understanding.
He brought me mini binocular to see Jay nearer. He learned from the last time when he went to see Arsenal. He said he should bring binocular indeed, everybody brought it.

I didn't take photos much when he started singing, but my boyfriend did video some of his performance. Sorry i was to busy burst in tears watching the cutest 34 years old man alive on the stage. No i didn't cry.

These are some screenshot from my video. I sat so far ya! How come it's so expensive T___T

Thank God they put the lyric and ping yin on the LCD. I can't speak Chinese and Han Yu hen nan la!!! (Chinese is so difficult).

( °٢° )૧(ꂹີ࿄ꂹີૂ)
I edited a footage of the concert, since some the videos were low quality and recorded my boyfriend and i while singing and irritated the video.... i think i'll consume the video for myself, lol.

I was so sad when Jay finally said "Bye Bye!" and the band started to slow down and end the show. I still want more, tho. He didn't sing Mine Mine and Ting Mama de Hua as well. But it was a superb show!! I didn't imagine that Indonesia had those lightning facilities, which was sooo cool.. Jay really bring 4D animation and good property. And of course very handsome. I know, it looks i sat really far in my video, sadly that's true. But i still can see him, tho. And with binocular help. I can't handle the handsomeness. HOW COME A GUY COULD BE THAT CUTE LIKE OMG I WOULD DIE NOW ꒰˘̩̩̩⌣˘̩̩̩๑꒱♡ He looked thinner than the last time i saw him on TV but never mind, he got abs.

After the show, as usual, the traffic outside the building was crazy. Me and my boyfriend had to find taxi but the entrance to the building was crowded as hell. So we decided to walk a little bit until quite far from the stadium and stopped a taxi.

5 minutes walking... still traffic.
10 minutes walking....still traffic.
15 minutes walking... finally the end of queue. But got no taxi. All the taxi is booked. Some of them didn't use the argo and asked a high price, around 200.000 IDR. What.
Continue walking..... around 25 minutes.. my foot palm was really hurt. I should use sneakers instead of flat shoes, tho. I walked nonstop today. About 30 minutes, finally we got taxi for only 100.000 IDR to go home. My palm foot was cray cray already..

That tired night paid with awesomeness and handsomeness of a man who so far away from my eyesight, even i had scraped my savings for this....... no regrets. I hope Jay had fun with his fans in Indonesia and plans to go back here :)) Maybe someday i have enough savings to watch him in front row and to meet him in person. So jealous with them who got to see him in person! :(( (they who bought VVIP tickets. I don't know the price, but i think it's 10 million IDR++. Crazy)


I only spent one night in Jakarta, so absolutely the next day would be spent by walking nonstop again.
So here i am, separated again from my friends, spent our last time in Central Park Mall. Boyfriend said that 4-5 hours would not enough to spend in Central Park. Oh well that's true. To many things to see but too little time!

First stop was popsicles store, Popbar!

I love fruit ice cream! I tried strawberry with chocolate and it was yummy!! My boy ordered avocado, delicious as well! Quite pricey for fruit ice cream but i still want to try all the flavours! I will come back for soursop (*´∀`*)

Then we went shopping! Didn't buy much, tho. One thing i love from Jakarta is completely full of branded store that i couldn't find in Surabaya. But i can see that Surabaya evolves really fast and hopefully, foreign branded store in Surabaya, especially clothing, soon will be opened.

Then had lunch at Nanny's Pavilion, at last.

I could see why my boyfriend so excited to bring me here. Yes, the place is pretty and well-decorated! He knows me so well.

Haha i don't really a photogenic person wtf. But the place is too cute to not post it.

This is baked rice with bolognese sauce and meatball, also melted mozzarella cheese on top. Taste good but unfortunately didn't serve hot. It's too cold for our expectation (boyfriend was hoping it would served hot).

This one is green pasta, with tomato and sausage. Yum yum!! Maybe a little bit to salty but after all, not bad, huh,

After delicious lunch, we went around for a while before went back to hometown. Oh, we bought some foods to bring home with us too.

The first day we arrived in Jakarta, my boyfriend kept telling me he wanted to buy breads in Central Park but he forgot the name of the store. The first day we went there, the store hadn't opened yet. How surprised when he finally brought me here. Oh, it was HOSHI.
What happened with me and HOSHI? Or maybe not only me but the rest of my classmates. We had ever had an assignment to make an advertising (poster) for HOSHI. Its speciality is they made breads with japanese technique which no use of preservative with various flavour and filling. Just fyi. Another foods that we bought before we headed to airport were Marqui's pie, Carls Jr. and Bread Papa. Oh well, just indulge before go back to hometown.

The we went to airport and headed home!
It's a very tired trip because we walk nonstop but also one of best moment in my life. I am so grateful i can watch Jay's concert even not in front row and far from stage. He is great \(//∇//)\

Jay is awesome
❛ॕ̀ੇ≀ ̼❛ॕ̀ੇ˵
End of story.


  1. aku penasaran carane bikin eyeliner kyk pnymu em. isa so sharp. do some tutorial! :D


    1. bikinnya pakai hati lolll :P
      Okayy next time ce, habis ujian haha

  2. Wahhh CP tuh deket banget sama tempatku XD hahaha. Tapi aku lebih suka Taman Anggrek sih drpd CP buat cuci mata~
    You are so lucky to be able to watch Jayzhou! >w< hahaha~~
    Niceeee post :3

    1. wahh kemarin nggak sempet ke Taman Anggrek ● ⋏ ● dulu pernah ke sana tapi udah lamaaa haha. Yess! Even the seat was too far from the stage (T⌓T)

      Thank you for reading :DD


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