Kukus Resto: Cheap Tastefully Steamed Rice

I am so lack of food post even i've on holiday already (シ_ _)シ Yes i ate too much, i can't even step on scales because i'm afraid i'll be shock and refuse to eat *much drama* *not going to happen* (ㅇㅅㅇ❀) Yesterday i tried Kukus restaurant, located at Ngagel Madya, Surabaya. They specialized in steamed rice, and i thought this restaurant is unique, because you can choose each flavour and meat of what you want to have in your steamed rice.

I don't usually post the menu but incase you don't get what i mean. Unfortunately they need a better design or concept, tho. Oh well! (⁎˃ᆺ˂)
A lot of flavours, right? And it's not pricey as i thought! This time i tried their Chessy Baked Rice (Is it cheesy or cheesy?) with hot level at medium. We ordered American Steak and Japanese Curry.

Japanese Curry Baked Cheesy Rice
American Steak Baked Cheesy Rice
I like Japanese Curry more because American Steak is a little bit salty for me. A little suggestion from me, you might better ordered hot level at mild, because i ordered mine medium and it's too peppery. I like peppery carbonara or creamy pasta but not in to tasteful flavoured rice and it's too peppery, too hard to taste the real flavour (=ↀωↀ=)✧ You might think the same with me about the cheese, to little maybe? You can ordered more cheese but after i finished eating, i was glad i didn't ordered more cheese.

Cappucinno Bubble
I was curious with their bubble drinks, but it made me disappointed(Ω_Ω) As a lover of bubble drinks, their bubbles were not as round as it should be, too mushy that i think the bubbled might be crumbled already. I tried to not ship the bubbles instead, but the cappucinno is already infected by the bitter taste of the bubble. I know, it's only 6.000 IDR, not fair if i compare it to 21.000 IDR bubble drinks but well, i'm not recommended the bubbles, tho!

Bavarian Banana Ropang
Toast for dessert! Taste good for 10.000 IDR toast, but maybe you should order other toast which came with ice cream. We thought Bavarian Banana had vanilla ice cream on it but our bad to read the menu wrong, lol. Not bad.

Will i come back? Maybe. I want to try other menu, since it is cheap! ( ⋂‿⋂’) First time i got there, the table was full. We left to take some cash and came back but it was still full. We decided to wait for empty table, and from the first time we sit until we left the restaurant, it only took five minutes to let the people came and fill empty tables besides me. Or can be said, it was never empty. I don't know when exactly this restaurant opened, but i think it's because the price of their foods are cheap and the taste is going well with the price. If you are around, you might want to drop by!

Kukus Resto
Jl. Ngagel Madya no. 46, Surabaya
(031) 5031789
open hour: 08.00-22.00

Anyway, please go follow @passionforeating for information of eating places in Surabaya! Thank you, epicurean! Have a nice holiday! (*´∀`*人*´∀`*)