As a student of entrepreneurship, my university, Ciputra University, requires each student (or in a group) has a business before they graduate. I don't know what brought me to choose this uni, first of all. I didn't really know the meaning of entrepreneurship at that time, after i graduated high school, and i have no interest at all. But since the choice of universities with Visual Communication and Design major were only two at that time, Petra Christian University and Ciputra University, so me and my mom choose Ciputra because of the location. Back than, both of those uni were far away from my house, about one hour, and both past traffic lane. But just because Ciputra's location was more safe and 'easy' to reach, then we choose that one. And entrepreneurship just.... an additional, or you can say i finally had purpose to study, because i knew nothing about business.

Time passed so fast, and i am now in senior year, which means i am the oldest generation in my uni and next year, i have to face my final test before graduate! Even my boyfriend is now taking the final test and thesis trial, wish the best for him. Since very first time we studied in here, they had taught us a class called entrepreneurship, which means, business. First semester we had to deal with personal selling, which we had to sell things from big shops that already exist. Second semester was about online shop. We HAD to sell something via online. In 6 months, we HAD to have something unique and innovative things sold on the internet. Not only sold one thing, at least your store had a good development, feedback, progress and profit. I mean, it was less in six months because first and second month usually we hadn't started anything, and started in third month. So, three months and we had to have all that required for A+. What could we do except manipulation?

Attending that class was really-- freakin' mad. It's like a mission impossible that they gave to us, every freakin' semester. Especially in third semester which we had to open a stall in mall for 1.5 - 2 months. As a Design Student i don't think it was a good idea, with all those crazy design assignments. Oh, in sixth semester we even had to export our product or services. Or import anything for other country (PO BKK or clothes which bought from Bangkok, Thailand was a BIG no, not required at all. They mean, import and export, a real one, the big one). Thank God, entrepreneurship class ended in sixth semester to let senior year focus on their final thesis. I didn't find any student who not feeling happy to finally graduated that class. We were so happy until my Visual Communication and Design lecturer said that entrepreneurship class had a big influence to the final thesis and assignments, even for life after graduated. All i can think at that time was.. Really? All those missions impossible?

Since fifth semester, in design major we had a class that teach us to start our brand or business, but at least it had to be connected with design things. Nah finally, this is the real one. And now we are in seventh semester and as usual, our last exam was to held an exhibition about our business.

That's the recap of our exhibition. Cannot capture all but that's the outline.

So i am writing this post NOT to moan or squawk about how unreasonable-strange-impossible-troublesome-pointless-scrubby my uni's lesson is, in fact it is all reasonable. I have to say that my lecturer was right, it is important for our final thesis and life after graduation. Before this, common college student after graduated will confuse, where do they go after this? But let's face it, your mind is directly get it is about where will you send you CV or apply for job, right? After years, finally i realise that entrepreneurship lesson had hypnotised our subconscious mind to what will you open for your business? What kind of innovation will you create to solve common society's problem?

I do regret that i didn't take all things entrepreneurial seriously because somehow, even i don't know yet where to go after graduated, i think it's actually useful. Not trying to promote my uni, just want to share what we do in university with entrepreneurship based :)

Good luck for you who is facing exams now and facing final thesis judgement!


  1. HAHAHAHHA. the opinion of my junior. yaaa emg kita smua pny pikiran yg sama sih em. wkwkwk.. have fun with the thesis moment! seriously, it's one of the BEST moments of your uni life :D

    1. hahaha jadi malu (。≖ˇ∀ˇ≖。) iya cee nerves to the max inii kena sidang kyaaa

  2. Wow, that's quite an amazing uni life you've had.
    lesson from your post: "where will you work or what will you open for your business?" Hahaha
    Can you write about what things are needed to be an entrepreneur?? =3

    -been following your emmaddicted until it suddenly vanished- =D

    1. hahaha Sometimes it taught me so many things but tiring and unreasonable at the same time -_- lol
      Well i want to write it but i'm not a good entrepreneur indeed, tho hahahahhaa

      wah! :DD yes i've deleted my old blog because it was too "mainstream" :P thanks for reading!! :))


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