Spencer's BBQ&Grill: I'm Out of Words

As a replacement of valentine dinner, my boy brought me to eat well on saturday night. We always have a list of restaurants and cafes we want to try and there is always have one name that stay. It's Spencer Barbecue & Grill. ♫꒰・‿・๑꒱

We knew it from our friends recommendation. The thing is, everybody said their foods are very delicious. That's why we are so tempted to try and now is our turn! ٩꒰ʘʚʘ๑꒱۶
Most favourite menu here is their pork ribs. I've searched trough instagram and other blog review, most of them ordered pork ribs and no one said it's not good. The pork ribs are served in several sauce and various size, small (6 ribs), regular (8 ribs) and large (10 ribs). Since i read the review on other epicurean's blog, i'm so tempted to try the pork ribs! My boy said he wanted that to but at the end he gave in the pork ribs to me (lol, sorry) ٩(●˙▿˙●)۶ We ordered regular original pork ribs and tenderloin steak. Also include appetiser, salad or mushroom soup.

mushroom soup
Like typically western food, they served bread first if we order for grilled menu. The salad was good, the mushroom soup was so-so.
And the long-awaited foods finally came out! For grilled menu it didn't take a long time to wait the food to serve.

Original Pork Ribs
This is SO DELICIOUS! ٩(๑ơలơ)۶♡ The meat was so tender, make the knife left effortless because the meat would fall easily from the bones. Need to mention, i was so full eat all of this. I donated 4 ribs for my boy and i still eat full. For ladies who want to eat here, you might order the small portion one or large one for two. Believe me, Spencer's pork ribs is out of words. We ate in silence, concentrate with what we ate (۶ꈨຶꎁꈨຶ )۶ʸᵉᵃʰᵎ Parfait.

Tenderloin Steak
My boy ordered for well-done cooked tenderloin but we thought they served it in medium, because the centre of the meat still red. The reason why my boy didn't order for medium was if they didn't cook the meat right, it would issued a fishy smell in mouth ヘ(;´Д`ヘ) BUT... this one wasn't. Maybe my boy didn't regret at all because the meat is sooooooo tender and not fishy AT ALL. When you cut it, the meat was juicy, and suddenly made the world is a better place, lol. The sauce is also superb. Not the one which smear the meat but the one in the back, in the small plates. It's like chilli and tomato sauce and so fresh. I even asked for one more so i can eat it with my ribs! The mashed potato was also yummy, so soft °˖ ✧◝(○ ヮ ○)◜✧˖ °

A happy pig. And a not so happy cow which had turned into a hunk of meat. Sorry for the humour.
The conclusion? You want to conclude yourself or i have to?
Because of course, Spencer is a RECOMMENDED one. Somehow, nothing is perfect, yes? The first one is price. For regular pork ribs, it's about 160.000 IDR. Not a shocking price for ribs, tho? For tenderloin, it's 150.000 IDR. Quite expensive for not-so-famous restaurant, yes. But no big deal, said boyfriend. It had been a long time since his REAL yummy meal and he was so happy (•ૢꆤ ˙̫̮ ꆤ•ૢ) They also have pasta for around 50.000-60.000 IDR. I ordered for ice tea and it is still in normal price, 15.000 IDR. They also have other drinks like cocktails, juice and so on, in normal-standard price.

Didn't take other photo of the interior.. Sorry for same photo!
The second one is the place. The place is not big, and the interior, unfortunately, seems needed to be overhauled ʅ(。◔‸◔。)ʃ It supposed to be a romantic place but they arrange it wrong. The place may be cozy but not for a good photo. They also decorated their corner for valentine event but it was even worse. No offense, because i think they really has very delicious and tasty foods. It's saturday night and the visitors were half the place. It should be full-booked for the foods! But then you see, that interior matters do really matter, yes.

The 'valentine' corner. I think my lecturer will get mad if they see this.
Really, no offense. Spencer still wins, tho. My boy had declared this place as one of his favourite restaurant in Surabaya, lol. I agreed (ノ´▽`)ノ♪

Foods: ✔✔✔✔✔    Price: ✔✔✔    Place: ✔✔     Service: ✔✔✔

Spencer's Barbecue & Grill
Jl. HR. Muhammad no. 360 
Surabaya, Eat Java
+62 31 7329447