Domicile Kitchen&Lounge : Good Foods, Great Place

In early 2014, there was a super booming restaurant called Domicile Kitchen & Lounge. Since it was opened, photos of their foods and interior were swamped my instagram feed. Oh well, it could be a habit as Indonesian, always curious and fill up the newest place in town. For more than a month, i guess people still flood this place to satisfy their curiosity and sociality habit. But however, i might be one of them.
Interior? Nothing to say. It's like a socialite favourite place to have brunch, tea time or dinner. Foods? Depends. Most of people said the foods is extravagant yet some people didn't like it much. Okay, take a look now.

When i went straight into the restaurant, they have a high ceiling and beautiful, yet simple decorative lamp, and the cashier in the centre of the room. On the right side, they have some old photos hanging and big round sofa. It made me remembered one of my favourite cafe in Jakarta, UNION. The window and door glasses, the round sofa and the old photos, the atmosphere. But for me, UNION is more vintage, retro, and.. more expensive, a place that 20s-40s socialites hang out. Domicile is more catchy and cozy, with colour play on the floor and vines over the head. So glad that some people think that Surabaya is quite developing so they built a good conceptual restaurant.

Move on to the foods.

Oh well, i'm sure you all can guess which one is mine.

Wagyu Cheese Burger
Can't tell much because it's not mine. But it's good enough. But i don't like the presentation, it's like... barren a little bit?

Penne Carbonara
As always. Okay i put standard. If a restaurant can make a good Carbonara pasta, their other pasta mostly will ended delicious indeed. Disagree? Maybe it's just me.
And yes, Domicile served a delicious Penne Carbonara.

Black Ink Fettuccine Seafood with Cream Sauce
Nah, i am not a big fan of raw foods. I don't casually eat sashimi and i never ordered raw cooked steak. But the sauce was good, little bit similar to carbonara sauce, and it's not too fishy.

Bacon, Cheese & Beef Carpacio Pizza and Penne Arabiata with Melt Boconcini
I don't recommend Penne Arabiata. The flavour was so-so and there's no 'sparks' in between. In other words, people can say Domicile use instant sauce for it. But for the pizza, it was delicious. It's thin and the topping was going well with the bread. Well, if it's more crunchy i think it'll double the yumminess!

Crepes Mille with 21 Years Old Chivas
Last one is Crepes Mille with 21 years old Chivas. I'm sure it's 'Crepes Mille' in the menu, not Mille Crepes. Call me old, but i don't drink. Wah i claimed lots of things-i-don't-eat this time! Not professional, sorry.
After all, the dessert was good. It was sweet and bitter, also the sauces that surrounding the cake made it taste sour too. If you like the bitterness from whisky, you better ordered this.

For you who like to sit down and talk about life with someone you love, or maybe meeting an old friend, or maybe socialites who want to spend a lazy afternoon, Domicile might be your destination. Dress well to take photo, lol. I, personally, like to go here for at noon. The lightning is good for photos. When the sun goes down, the place becomes dark even with lights on. It's their concept, tho, in the night they become like... a bar with fine dining atmosphere.

Cannot take good photos at night :( You might use flash but i just don't like harsh lightning over my face lol.
Prices: Wagyu Cheese Burger 85k, Carbonara Tagliatelle 75k, Black Ink Fettuccine 80k, Penne Arabiata 80k, Bacon-cheese-beef pizza 80k, and Crepes Mile 45k.

(out of 5)
Foods: ✔✔✔½ Price: ✔✔ Place: ✔✔✔✔✔ Service: ✔✔✔
The foods were good but not great. Pricey, but oh well they sell the atmosphere. Place is extravagant and cozy as well. The service was not too bad.

Domicile Kitchen & Lounge
Jl. Sumatra no. 35
(031) 501 6900

ps. When we went here, it was a month after their soft opening and we were told that the queue was crazy. So 3 days before i called them and reserved a table. I think everybody doing the same because when we finished our meal and about to go home, the tables were empty because the person who booked haven't arrived yet and the people who didn't reserve queue for tables. Well, if you plan to go there with bunch of your friends, better book first.