Pizza Romas: Pizza with 'Literally' Price

My boyfriend and i have a list of what-we-should-try eating place and this one was one of them. Located in east Surabaya, Pizza Romas is a small place in beside of Pakuwon City Mall or Eastcoast Mall. We always wanted to try this one but not sure because it looked quite. But when we ate here, on Saturday night, the tables were full. Not bad. Pizza Romas was originally open long time ago at Manyar Kertoajo no. 4, i'm not sure if this one is the branch or they move out.

They have quite a lot pizza and side dish such as garlic bread, salad, and pasta!

Beef Fettuchine
Regal Cheese Pizza
Pepperoni Marvel
The pizzas turn out good! Personally i love PHD (Pizza Hut Delivery) more but for budget pizza, this one is actually good. If i should rate pizza i every ate, it would be:
1. Domino's (Please open soon in Surabaya)
2. PHD
3. Pizza Romas
4. Pizza Hut
5. Goodies Pizza
The reason why i put Pizza Romas above Pizza Hut was because Pizza Romas' dough bread turns to be thinner than Pizza Hut's. And since Pizza Romas' concept is like Goodies Pizza, I think it's worth a try. If you worship Domino's or PHD, then maybe this would be so-so or maybe even not at all. But i still choose this one over Pizza Hut. The pasta was so-so. Not very good but not bad either.
Their pizzas are around 20.000-26.000 IDR. The Regal Cheese one is 20.000 IDR and the Pepperoni Marvel is 25.000 IDR. Their pastas are 24.000 IDR, and their drinks are around 6.000-21.000 IDR. Oh, they have sandwiches and ice cream too! All of the price on the menu are already subjected to 10% tax. Quite surprising to see the bill, the didn't add the tax. The prices are 'literally'.

RATES (out of 5)
Foods: ✔✔✔½ Price: ✔✔✔✔ Place: ✔✔ Service: ✔✔✔
The foods were good and not expensive. Place quite small and feeble. Service was okay.

Pizza Romas
Eastcoast Center
Jl. Kejawan Putih Mutiara No. 17, Pakuwon City, Surabaya