Third Anniversary Din-Din

Last 12th July was our 3rd anniversary! Yay! Can't tell you how lucky i am to have a guy love me this much Last 5th post was about our valentine day and i realise how rare i updated my blog! :( This half year i was dealing with final thesis and dealing with life too, and once i lifetime i felt 24 hours per day were not enough. But thanks God it had finished! I will graduate this September, along with my boyfriend! :)) You know that feeling, yes? Happy because finally you have finished 4 years of studying but scared and confused of what you are going to do next. Umm.. i am taking a life-break so.. i am happily unemployed. Not a wise choice, i know! I feel that argument flying in people's head when they asked what i do now. Well, i can tell you i still have nowhere to go. Let me just enjoy life for a little bit after 6 months struggle, okay. I still have things to manage too for my graduation requirements. And desperately need travelling.

Back to the topic.
3rd Anniversary!

I always feel he gives more than me when we celebrate our anniversary. Last year he came with cakes and presents, like it's my birthday. This year, he made me a video which is super duper sweet. I appreciate his effort to make me cry (i didn't but i swear i was about to), and it's very cute.

He said that now we are equal. In our first monthversary, i also made him a video, not as good as his, tho. He showed me when we were on our way for dinner. While i was sitting beside him, holding a bouquet of roses from him, my friend congratulate me by message and she said that my boyfriend is so sweet. Then i immediately ask him, "What have you done right now??" and i knew the answer was absolutely on instagram. But i couldn't access it due to my bad signal -_- Then he lend me his phone and show me the full length video. It was very sweet and i have no idea that he would do something again this year. Still so happy until now. I am blessed!
...And i've done nothing again. Even his present's box was prettier than mine. He was so proud of his work and told me that he actually have an artistry talent. Okay.
We had dinner at Kayu Japanese restaurant. Unfortunately we can't sit in the private place (small room with tatami, so we sit on floor like japanese in common) because the air condition was broke. But that because we didn't book before, too. Other room was reserved. But it's okay! They have a very nice sushi. We ordered salmon one, the texture was very soft almost melt. For rice and bento, they are so-so. My boyfriend prefers Nishimura (Japanese restaurant in Shangri-La hotel, Surabaya) for his bento.

Ya'll know i'm not good at making videos but i'm trying lol.

Sushi with baked salmon garnished with mayo. Delicious!
Bimbimbap. I wonder why i ordered Korean food in Japanese restaurant.
His bento. Complete series with 3 kind of sashimi.

RATES (out of 5)
Foods: ✔✔✔✔ Price: ✔✔✔ Place: ✔✔✔✔ Service: ✔✔✔✔
Good foods, a little bit pricey but however standard for this kind of restaurant, nice place and friendly service.

Kayu Contermporary Japanese Restaurant
Srijaya Building, 5th Floor
Jalan Mayjend Sungkono No. 212 - 214, Surabaya

After that we went to Spazio to meet some friends.

At the end of the day, even it felt so fast, i am still grateful to have him as my boyfriend. Sometimes he is pain in the ass, but then i found myself falling so hard for him that require more pain if i'm not with him. I am so thankful God had crossed our path. God knew i want nobody but him! :)

Have a nice holiday, everyone. And happy fasting to everyone who does.


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