How About Prego?

These past few years, i frequently had a trip from Surabaya to Tretes / Pandaan / Malang. Pandaan and Tretes is quite near from Surabaya. Whereas years ago i rarely went there, i used to think this cities are so far away from Surabaya, and now i am way too often until every time we went there we got confused what to eat. Most of the time when we are in Pandaan or Tretes-Trawas, we eat Bu Sri (known for their grilled chicken), Pak Gondrong (known for their Soto), Mirasa (known for their info-chinese foods) and Surya Sate (known for their various satay, ronde and grilled corn).

Past few weeks, after graduation, me and my boyfriend went to Pandaan again. We went to my family cemetery first, then after that we started to get confuse where to eat. We are too bored to eat the same thing again. There are places i didn't mention before, like Mang Enking (known for their seafood and floating restaurant), Bu kris (known for their chicken and condiment), Leko (known for their beef ribs) and Cak Gundul (known for their crabs), but those foods are available in Surabaya, anyway. So, where to eat now??

Boyfriend : How about Prego?

Oh, okay. I forgot to mention that.
Prego is an Italian restaurant in Pandaan. Maybe the one and only Italian restaurant there? The place is quite far from the main road, so i thought me and my boyfriend were lost at first! But no need to worry because they put many sign to its place.

When you enter the gate of ICC, i quite amaze because the place is very shady. The road is HORRIBLE for car. It made from tons of big hard rock compiled irregularly, so your car will like passing tons of mini bump on the road. You have to make sure you drive carefully and slowly.
After parking the car, we walked up and found Prego on left side.

The place is well made and very modern. The lightning is beautiful because they use lots glass windows. But it means, yes, it was too hot. I can't blame them because back then the weather in Surabaya and surrounding areas were not this crazy.

They have fan, tho. Me and my boyfriend choose a table beside the window in the corner of the room because we thought the lightning and the background were good for taking photos. But well, we heated. We recommended to choose seat below the fan.

Wine for your special occasion.

As i know, Prego is a branch of La Rucola, one of the most famous italian restaurant in Surabaya. Well, the menu is approximately the same with La Rucola, tho. Also the price.

Like, of course it's Illy.

This one is Calzone. We had a great time eating Calzone back then in Casa Fontana, Surabaya. So we wanted to try this one.
The result was... it wasn't bad, but also not as good as Casa Fontana's.

This one is Risotto. My boyfriend complained that it should be creamy. I had never eat Risotto before so for me, it was yummy. I don't know what vegetables under it, but it was bitter. Otherwise, it's good.

In the back, you'll find a swimming pool and a huge backyard. Well, ICC also provides a hostelry and many fun activities, like horse riding, picking fruits, and so on.

You can see the rest on their website here.

I wish i dressed properly......

We spent about 250.000 rupiahs for two person.
The calzone and pastas are about 60.000 rupiahs. They have steak too, for around 100.000 rupiahs. The drinks are around 20.000-30.000 rupiahs.

RATES (out of 5)
Foods: ✔✔✔ Price: ✔✔ Place: ✔✔✔✔✔ Service: ✔✔✔✔✔
It is a nice place to hangout with friends or lovers. Not everybody can enjoy italian cuisine as we had indonesian tongue, but for me the foods taste fine. The service was good, of course!

Prego Italian Resto
International Cultural Center building
Desa Duren Sewu Km. 3, Pandaan, East Java
(0343) 636 634

A week after, my father, boyfriend and i went there again to commemorate two years after my mom passed away. Then we confused again where to eat... My father is all about Indonesian foods, so i thought Soto Cak Gondrong would be good. But unfortunately, it was closed.

So i asked my father to think where to eat while i stopped to buy klepon (indonesian traditional snacks) at Sudi Mampir. When we reached the place my father remembered the place as a restaurant where he ate with his brother back then. Because we confused already where to eat, so we decided to eat there instead.

Sudi Mampir is located on the way from Ayam Bu Sri to Soto Cak Gondrong. It was on the right of the road, the blue stall one after Alfamart. I knew this place from my friend when we went to friend's villa.

The place is typically small depot in there, vacant, simple and dusty. They also serve tempe and tahu goreng (on the way from Surabaya to Malang, you'll find most of restaurants serve tempe and tahu goreng, i don't know why. Most of them is quite good). I like their tempe goreng but unfortunately it was already cold. I thought because it was weekday and deserted there. Same for klepon.

My father said that they are specialised in Gulai Kambing (lamb with coconut milk) so i ordered that one. I am not the one who like to eat lard, so sad they put more lard (or maybe the legs? I didn't know) than meat. But the soup was okay.

My boyfriend ordered krengsengan kambing (lamb) and it tasted good.

The price is about 25.000-30.000 rupiahs for each bowl (without rice) and it was pretty much for one person. As we sat down for a while, there were people coming and ate there even the place was narrowed because they will held spiritual event there. So i will conclude that this place is actually well known for people in middle-age (because i think it had opened for a long time ago). Overall, everything is okay. Just to add your reference of where to eat in Pandaan-Tretes-Trawas.

RATES (out of 5)
Foods: ✔✔✔ Price: ✔✔✔ Place: ✔✔ Service: ✔✔✔
Normally food stall, with good foods.

Depot Sudi Mampir
Jl. Raya Prigen no. 58, Pandaan, East Java

I personally like gulai kambing in small food stall once me and my father visited. It was in Sidorajo, it called Depot Langgeng. Their gulai and other soup are yummy! I had recommended to eat there but my father said that the place is quite far from Pandaan. We would be really starving.

Gulai kambing and Rawon Iga at Depot Langgeng, Sidoarjo.
Another reference!

Depot Langgeng
Jl. Kh. Mukmin no. 67, Sidoarjo, East Java

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