Not every writer is as loud as their words in real life.
Since i was a little girl, i'm not talkative. I like to keep silent and listen to others. Sometimes i wonder why i won't say a word, but it is how i am. That's why some people accustomed to misjudge me. How's that feel when the person who misjudge you badly is the one who is very close to you? Then he kept telling you as a joke with such a provocative narration of everything that he thinks who you are to everyone.

How could you arrange such a pitiful crap in a sentence just to lowering my standards in front of everyone?

I'm at one point that you feel really annoyed but already too lazy to reply that crap statement about you because it's just a waste of time, and energy. And it made me even more silent when i'm around. I learn to not give a fuck, i learn to make myself happy without any insecurity of what-others-think-of-you. I still wondering how the closest person to you can make you feel so insecure 24/7, but what so ever. I found it's true that you can be the ripest juiciest peach in the world, and there will still be somebody who hate peaches. I learn to care of others who care about me either and give me chance to talk and understand. I am not skilled at talking and that's why i appreciate everyone who patiently listening to me like it's important. And by them, i can become a little more loud than i ever be with anyone.


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