Officially S.Des.

I am here to announce that...

The ceremony was held on September 27th.

It was my first time wearing a Kebaya. A month before H-day, me and my boyfriend searched around Surabaya for the perfectly fit Kebaya. I am tall for most women in Indonesia and my body isn't that 'slim' tho. So it's quite hard to find a perfect Kebaya that is not too expensive. Finally i found a home-salon that accept to make me a new Kebaya with my measure, but i rent it. I quite satisfied with the result, it was peach, but i won't say it was perfect because at the end of the day i found the wire of the corset bend out so it didn't fit my body well. I thought the tailor didn't make a new corset, it's just her stock with matching colour.
All those time i'm wondering if i can found a perfect corset like this.. and wear under my Kebaya. It would be great. Ignore the pattern and design.

Okay. Nevermind.
I like the skirt that the tailor made. It was long enough for my height (i tried many ready-to-wear Kebaya and most of them hanging above my ankle) and had slit in front so i was easier to walk!

Thank you for noon-group who had made their time to visit us in far far away university (yes my uni is that far). And for the flowers! Thank you for considering to give as a bouquet instead of congratulations-flower-board. Of course i like it this way!

With family.

Half of Fatimah's.
Now it's about time!

I didn't take too much photo inside the auditorium, tho.

But there's a photo of me receiving the medals and officially graduated! Yes, it was me on the screen, with my illustration business and other descriptions. In fact, every of us appeared on screen when we went upstage. I asked my friend to take a photo of it just because i wanted to see if my photo look good on screen, since i was to nervous to look the screen. 
Of course i was nervous. I was afraid i would fall down because my heels started to hurt my foot, or accidentally tripped because of my skirt was long.. And i failed to accomplish cumlaude. I know it's not a big deal for anything happens in my life after this graduation and i should be grateful i can eventually graduated, but i only have one reason, at least i can make my mom happy there.

Now i sound lame. I hope she doesn't mad.
In fact, my GPA is 3.48 (to be a cumlaude, GPA must be 3.5 and above). Like, really. 0.02 point. Saddest thing ever in my college life, fml.

Here we are at the end of the ceremony.
Officially S.Des. !!
(Sarjana Desain)

Theennn, we went downstairs. Look, my cute boyfriend had waited me with bouquet of flowers.

I feel sad i didn't give flowers when he graduated. And i came late. Sorry.

Cewek Kece 008's.
With Gebi and Milla.

With Elbert Reyner of Cinephile's Diary

with Beatrice of Bean's Shop and Cella.

Thank you, night-group!
I was so tired that night. My heels made my feet bleed. My corset started to bend so my Kebaya wasn't as good as the first time. My hands were shaking because i brought many things. But i utterly full of joy and happiness. I forgot that i failed to nail cumlaude for a while and i didn't care how my makeup was look like anymore. Flowers, gifts and most important one, time from you all had given me joy and i feel really blessed. Happy and blessed.

Oh, about my boy.
He graduated one day before me. They had to separate the graduates since the auditorium wasn't big enough to gather all of us. And since we were in different majors, he went first.

I am sorry i am not well prepared as you were :( Still love and congratulated you so much, tho. Look at those shining scarf. He's a cumlaude, duh.

fyi, i finally did ombre!

a week before graduation.

And the next day after my graduation, my boyfriend's family had planned for a photo shoot.

Look good, eh?
Will updated after we got the original photos and the edited one from the talented photographer!

See you in next post!