From Bali With Love: Part 1

Last week we had our exciting holiday in Bali. I've been waiting this trip since year ago, since it was announced that my cousin would married there. I had been there too often when i was a little kid, like two-three times each year, and i STILL want to go there over and over again. I think the gods and goddesses from the island had hooked me with their beauty.

My cousin was married at The Mulia Resort & Villas. I had never been there and i know it is a famous place which the photos of their pool quite often showed up on my instagram's explore page. We planned to stay for five days, first and second day for the event, and the rest we can go around.

When we arrived, we directly went to Nusa Dua, where The Mulia Resort & Villas placed. Me and my brother stayed in Santika Hotel, very close to The Mulia Resort & Villas, with my other cousins and siblings, while my parents and uncles-aunties stayed at The Mulia. After we checked in our room at Santika Hotel, we went for lunch. I've been told that there are several famous depots near where we stay. The first one is Nasi Babi Guling Pak Dobiel (Balinese Pork Roast with rice) and Nasi Ayam Bu Oki (Balinese Chicken rice) where exactly placed in front of Santika Hotel. Since we had our taxi waiting, we decided to try Pak Dobiel first because it's easier to reach to Bu Oki.

The price is about 30.000 rupiah, the place is not too big. When i got there it was quite crowded because it was lunch time. Delicious? Yes, it is! The meat and the vegetables were equals with the rice -as much as the rice. And the soup was delicious too!

Compared to Bu Oka, i prefer this one. Compared to my beloved Nasi Babi Guling Peneleh in Surabaya, Pak Dobiel is a proper rival. Unfortunately, i was eating with fear of not-fit-for-my-dress. If you had an event or party at Bali, make sure to choose stay longer after the party than stay longer before. Or make your suits in larger size, just in case.

After meal, we went to The Mulia Resort & Villas.

One of the very famous view from lobby's terrace. You can see beach already here!

Lobby's terrace.

My parents allowed to enter the room at 3 p.m. and we already arrived there at 1 p.m. They said it is the procedure, but when they checked out two days later, they had to leave at 12.30 p.m. I was wondering how marvelous the room is, take two and half hours to clean. So we decided to tour around the hotel.
Maybe it sounds so weird, like, i toured around the hotel and right now i'm writing about few things inside the hotel, i even made a video of it. It's not even tourist sites. Please inform that i came from village, lol. But to be honest i amazed with this hotel, however. And even it's far from crowd and hotel should be private for their guest, you still allowed to come here freely, just to dine in, chill at the cafe, or went to the beach. Just don't make a mess.

Selfie, as usual

And my bro

The Lobby

I think the hotel is on the reef, so the lobby is located on the top. The rest, like swimming pool, beach, cafe, are underground. When i was in the room, it quite hard for my phone to reach the signal. There are some rooms above the lobby tho.

Went down from the lobby

From back i think it's sloth because it's brown. Oh well, sloth and beach are not related.

Made from thousand small clocks!

Bro kept asking for photo of him.

I can tell this is an extremely big hotel since i stepped my feet on the lobby. Like -i'm not sure if i could call places full of sofas to chill as lobby but let's say so- the lobbies (or place to chill, tho) scattered in every corner.
There's a lobby. Again. Oh there's another one. Or maybe we can sit there. Or there. Oh or there in front of the lift of nowhere.

And the swimming pool.. they have.. three? or four?
I guess three. I said to my bro maybe on the last day we can running around take a dip in every pool like it's important.

Here's a pool that i think it can't be used. The second photo, you can se a place with glass-roof, is the chapel where my cousin would held the ceremony.

Let's go down to third base.

The icon of Mulia Hotel. I don't know what it is, let me called.. the guardians of the sea? Or mother seas?

Move around

Second pool

Look! Beach!

Third swimming pool. And direct beach. Super cool.
The beach is so clean and blue, not like Kuta beach.

They have some places to chill and drink exactly facing the sea. They have bar too at the afternoon to watch sunset, named Sky Bar.

It was in the middle of the noon and the sun was shining bright on the top of our head. BURNIN'.
But who cares. You are in Bali, what do you expect, right?

Last photo on the way back to the lobby and back to Santika Hotel. We had dinner and need to get ready!

The guardians of the sea at night.

We had buffet dinner at The Cafe in Mulia Hotel. The foods are superb. They have a lot of foods from other countries, like Japan (sushi, sashimi and stuff), Europe (pasta, salad, etc), Thailand, Indonesia, China (hainam chicken rice), etc. And most of all tasted good. And also dessert bar!
Once again, i eat with fear. Sob.

The next day is the wedding day. The ceremony was started at 11 a.m. 

After having my hair set and make up on, we went to the chapel and wait there.

The chapel

Excuse my very big upper-arm.

I think it would be very hot inside since it's a glass house, and the truth is... thank God someone already invented air conditioner. They have it all over the corner of the chapel.

The bride and the groom! Congratulation! Wishing all the best and happiness in your new journey.

The ten children and wife.

....And the grandchildren + great grandchildren. Too many members to take a photo, as usual.
We surely miss our grandma.

After the ceremony, we directly went back to Santika Hotel to have some rest and prepare for wedding dinner tonight. We decided to have Nasi Ayam Bu Oki (balinese chicken rice) for lunch because it is near from our hotel, but turned out that Bu Oki was super crowded. So we cancelled our plan and decided to eat lunch box that had been prepared.
And it turned out that the lunch box was from Bu Oki.

... That's why we shouldn't be greedy to prefer eat somewhere else even they had prepared lunch box for us.
I'm not sure if it because i was to hungry or else, but it's delicious! It's different from Nasi Babi Guling, tho, but still delicious. No wonder their stall was crowded as hell.
I took this break time to go to other family's room and sit by the pool for a while until it was time to bath and put some makeup again. After pampered up, we went to Mulia at 5.30 p.m. It was cocktail party time. It was a spare time between Afternoon Tea (Cing Ciu) and the gala dinner. We had not allowed to enter the ballroom before the time so we wait here. Not bad, tho!

My first long dress!
I made it in Surabaya. No, i didn't sew it by myself, and i know it's a very simple one, very plain. But that is the purpose, to be as minimal as i can. I mean it.

With cousin

Photo Booth
Here's a struggle: i wore 12 cm heels. I have this difficulty to find a pair of very good and short heels in my size. When i went shopping, it's always a very high one. I know i don't need to wear too-high heels but what can i do? I always end up buying the very high one because it's better than any short-heels i could find. Or actually, i found nothing but this.

I was so glad finally it's time for dinner!

They had seated each of us with our name on every table.

It was so unusual to see non-chinese dishes in wedding party, lol. I had enough with fin soup, Abalone, fried prawn with mayonnaise and noodle, so i had a pleasure to eat this. I personally love the dessert. It's a coconut (even i rarely eat it) pudding with vanilla ice cream on top. So fresh and tasteful!

Take a pic with the Groom and the Bride. Congratulation once again, Ko Anthony & Ce Alvina! And thank you for having us here :) It was indeed a very beautiful wedding. Hope both of you have a prosperous and sweet life ahead.

After the dinner, take photos again!

With cece Barbie and her daughter. 

So cute!

Yes, the dress used to have a slit over my knee but it's unseen. Uh, nevermind.

The next day, after me and my brother checked out from Santika, we went to Mulia Hotel to wandering  around the hotel.

I am in deep regret to not taking the time to swim here. I had no intention that we gonna swim and since i didn't stay here, we left our suitcases at the receptionist. When we got here, my dad was still on the way for breakfast and actually we had enough time to swim. The lobby, as i mention, is far away upstairs. If i had to take my suitcase, then brought it to my dad's room which also far away, then the time would be run out. We ended up just playing a bit at the beach and sat by the pool. It was 11 o'clock and i don't care if the sun could burn my skin to hell, i just regret i didn't swim, duh.

I really like the beach here because it is sooo clean! The last time i went to Bali was two years ago, with my friend, and we only made it to Kuta Beach. I have no idea that the beach is stained quite severe. Then i remembered that i actually never played in other beach except Seminyak beach (and Nusa Dua beach, this time). When i was little, my family always stayed in Seminyak, and there was also a beach directly behind the Hotel. As i remembered it was clean and safe. 

Photo taken 2 years ago at Kuta Beach.
What a pity. I hope people have some respect for nature, yes.

So here's the end of my first post of Bali trip, which is about the wedding and what i did. I will continue writing what i did after this in other post.

Since these days i spent my trip only at Mulia Hotel, so here's my opinion and tips when you stay here, or maybe having a wedding event too:
1. Clearly, take a photo. This hotel is beautiful. It's like they build their own empire.

2. Since you have came to their empire, once you trapped here, you can't go out (re: it's so far away to go everywhere!).
3. If you only come for a visit, they had bar with beach view that open in the afternoon, maybe for sunset. Yet, i barely hear people chill in here, tho. That's why it makes a perfect place to stay for people who want to aside from crowd. The hotel is not as crowded as Ayana Hotel.
4. Put that damn swimsuit in your bag. In case you suddenly want to swim. It takes a long way to go back to your room.
5. If you're here to attend a party, please use comfy shoes. If you have to use heels, then use wedges or anything else that not too high. I HAVE WARNED YOU. The first night we came, when we had dinner here, i went to my parent's room before dinner to go together. And it was terrible. I used heels, tho, but it should be my comfiest heels, since it's an ankle boots with wide heels. But my brother who use formal man shoes, clearly, said that he tired too. I've heard some of my family who stayed there chose to walk to their room bare feet, with their heels in hand. #truth
I don't know if this because my parent's room were placed quite far or the truth that this hotel is massively big.
Still, i appreciate to all the ladies who walk around the hotel using high heels. You have inner Victoria Beckham inside you.

6. I don't know how much we had to pay for having dinner here but if you had a chance, you should. The name is The Cafe. The atmosphere is very comfy yet luxurious, and they have tons type of foods. And delicious. Please prepare your tummy.
7. Or if you want to have afternoon tea, there is Mulia Deli, a cafe / bakery near The Cafe. I tried their donuts with floss and it's also awesome. I told you, they built their own empire.
8. When you stay here, take a day to enjoy the hotel itself. Wake up, have breakfast, tour the hotel, or maybe swimming (as i know they have weekly plan of workout that you can join), maybe for lunch, you can go to nearest depot like Bu Oki, then go back to rest a bit in your room, then go to beach and swim in the afternoon, watching sunset, and have a nice dinner at The Cafe. Except you have been here all the time until you bored already.
9. Just a reminder, for people who came from a village which this trip is your first time (like me), you might want to use the toilet.
10. And here's a bonus:

See you in next post.