Bodaeng Thai : Shout Out to My Favourite One

I don't really eat Thai food here because Thai restaurant still rare in here? I mean, compare to Japanese restaurant. But i'm gonna write something about this rare one.
Shout out to my favourite Thai restaurant in town.

Courtesy of Armand Megawe from flicker.
...Apparently i don't have interior photo of it so i just pick it from google. But! Please welcome, the foods (and drink)!

Must have : Tom Yum Soup
Because, why not? We usually ordered two kind, seafood and chicken. Both are DELICIOUS, depend on what you like to eat the most.

This one is sapo tofu, mustard, carrot, and prawn. It's optional because you can have it in common Chinese restaurant, tho, but it's indeed good.

This one is fried fish with tomato, pineapple and chilli sauce. If i'm not mistaken the name is Ikan goreng tiga rasa. Or maybe not.
It's yummy.

Thai Fried Rice.
You should order this to replace your ordinary white rice.

Must have : Pandan fried chicken!
This one is DELICIOUS. It served with red sauce which is really good.

Ice tea tarik.

Another must have(s) : Pad Thai - Thai fried Shahe fen (is this really kwetiau in English??) served with prawn, fish ball and chicken. Sour but YUMMY & Thai Salad - Okay i don't really know the name here but you can say it to them and i'm sure they know what you mean. It's sour and served with pencit (callow mango). Actually i don't really into it, but it's good and typically Thailand.

The place is cozy, unfortunately i don't have the interior photos because when i got here it's too crowded. I saw some foreign eat here, i think because this place is already famous and who don't like Thai food? Thai foods are famous with their sourness and sweet-spicy taste. So if you are not really into sour, like my boyfriend, maybe you'll find this place ordinary. Well but it's worth to try!

RATES (out of 5)
Foods: ✔✔✔✔✔ Price: ✔✔✔ Place: ✔✔✔✔ Service: ✔✔
Sometimes when it gets too crowded, the waitresses  will make you wait for so long even for drink :( But overall, i want to come back again!

   Bodaeng Thai   
Jl. Embong Kenongo No. 62
East Java, Surabaya
+62 31 5483565


  1. good photos anyway. what camera do you use? :)


  2. It's too bad that you were not able to take photos of the restaurant’s interior. However, it’s nice to know that you enjoyed the ambiance and food they served. You’re pretty lucky to find that restaurant, and I hope other restaurants with Thai cuisines will open near your place for added variety. Anyway, I’m looking forward to reading more of your food adventures in your future posts. Bon appétit!

    Nicholas Stanley @ Nahm Thai Bistro

    1. yes thai restaurant is still rare in here, in fact their foods are amazing!
      Thank you for dropping by :) Bon Appetit!


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