From Bali With Love: Part 2

Here's the continuation From Bali With Love: Part 1
After checked out from Mulia, we went for lunch. When you go to Bali, you have to eat here, even you've tried it before. I've been here and still, it is soooo freaking delicious, tho.
Here's our lunch at Naughty Nuri's.

Tacos. It tasted yummy.

Last but not least, the almighty pork ribs. Sooo good.
I had it at their branch in Batu Belig. I always been told that this branch is better than the other one.
After that, we went to Discovery and walked to traditional market in Kuta. We had our snack time in between!

This is flapjack. As i remembered, two years ago, i felt that this dessert is delicious. I don't know if it's because we eat in other branch or i ordered for the wrong one but no, it was not delicious. I think all i can suggest is don't buy the savoury one, and eat at their branch near Beachwalk mall.

Move on to Beachwalk Mall.

My second time to go to this mall. Still beautiful.
We had planned to eat at Rumours or Ultimo, but my dad got stomachache so we stayed a little bit longer at Beachwalk and then decided to have dinner here.

I had Mie Kepiting Pontianak (noodle with crab and fish ball) in Eat&Eat food court. It's good enough.

And i finally got this hat!

The next day, we went to Batik gallery near Ubud.
What? Batik? In Bali? Really bruh
I know it sounds weird to go to batik gallery because back in to my hometown and the island i grew up, we have a lot of Batik galleries and shops. And now i looked for Batik in Bali? Actually my father who wanted it. He even had asked the shopkeeper when he went to Krisna (one of famous souvenirs from Bali shop) where those Batik they sell came from and he answered it was from Pekalongan (one of city in Middle Java), like whut. But he still wanted to look some. So, okay, everyone got chance to see what they want to see.

I had never been to this place so i thought it was fine. Outside the shop, you can see how they made Batik pattern, and you can even ask them to paint it on your clothes. They also sell white T-shirt, in case you don't want your favourite clothes drawn.

I ever joined a Batik workshop back then with my mom in Surabaya. I thought it was easy peasy until i hold the canting (the pen they use to draw) and try to draw on fabric. Mine was horrible. Horrible. I tried to make a line but turned out too thick and then it creased. I wonder how they can draw Batik so detailed, i can't even draw a flower. And the best part is, you can't erase it, tho. Throw it away and start from the beginning or deal with it.

I can't take a photo inside the shop because they don't allow it. The shop was huge, and they accept dollars. The price are even in dollar. You can ask the shopkeepers to count it for you.

Then we went to Ubud traditional market.

I had shopped yesterday at Kuta so i didn't buy anything here. But in my opinion, they sell more variant things here and you might get it in lower price than in Kuta Traditional Market.
Then, lunch.

I've heard about Bu Oka and Bu Oki, I've heard about Pak Dobiel and Pak Malen. But i never heard about this one. Nasi ayam Kedewatan Bu Mangku (Balinese Chicken Rice), Ubud. So i conclude that this one is not really famous -or i'm being too retarded about culinary existence. I think this depot had opened since long time ago, maybe in the same time with Bu Oka. While Bu Oki, Pak Dobiel and Pak Malen are counted as new one. The place is beautiful, very homey and comfy, you can choose the depot style one or sitting at their backyard and enjoy Balinese atmosphere. They had pura too inside the depot.
The Chicken Rice, like i expected, was so-so. Of course still choosing Nasi Bali Peneleh in Surabaya. But it came in a big portion. You'll definitely satisfied.

Next destination is Seminyak! I love to take a walk in here because it's not as crowded as Kuta and has a lot of cute shops.

Colourful shorts

Biasa in Bahasa means ordinary. But their shop and clothes actually extraordinary.

Those armed bird, tho.

They have cafe at backyard and art space upstairs, i think.
We only made it about 3-4 shops because then we had planned to catch sunset at Potato Head. Better not late.

I've been here, two years ago, when i had a trip with my friends, and i've just realised that my posts about Bali trip two years ago truncated in third day (we went there for 4 days, which the last day was when we went to Potato Head). So i haven't finished it yet and continued to write another post. Bruh. Ok then maybe i'll complete it later, even it's soooo late.

Unfortunately, because we arrived there at about 5 p.m, the place was already crowded and we didn't get to sit on the sofas (right beside the pool). Two years ago, me and my friends got a seat there because we arrived at 3 p.m, which is the sun still freaking burn and left at 4 p.m (not even close to sunset!!) because we had to catch a flight to back home. And absolutely we didn't swim. One day i'll back here and sit there from 3 p.m. until 7 p.m. really.

You can't book, that's why. I suggest to come earlier but yes, it's still hot.  Maybe at 3.30 p.m.?
We sat upstairs, where we couldn't see the sunset, literally. Our table was too behind and the people stand there in the edge of terrace, waiting for sunset. So, yeah, come early.

Ordered snack because we would have dinner in other place.
And here's the beach!

Can i go back here and stay a little bit longer, please?
Move along, we had dinner at Rumours! Yes, i've heard the rumour about this place! It is one of the famous restaurant in Bali and most of my friends recommend it.

Yummy nachos! The cheese were so pleasant. 

My bro said the burger isn't that good.

Caesar Salad.

Mine! Beef steak with mushroom sauce. And yes, it is delicious.

Wagyu Steak for my Dad.
For me it's okay, and the price is like a normal steak and grill restaurant. The place is quite crowded and  nebulous (dark) like a pub or bar. And there's also a billiard there! Too bad i can't take the photo because the crowd and lightning.
After satisfied our tummy, we walked around for a while. That's what all about when you're in Seminyak! Enjoy the shop and night life, have fun!

The next day is the day we went home :( As always, i still want to be here!
So we ate lunch at other infamous Nasi Bali (Nasi Babi Guling or Suckling Pig Rice) Pak Malen.

So, which one is my favourite?
This one is also good, but i'm in love with Pak Dobiel. Bu Oki is delicious too but it's different, it's more into chicken.

So here we were, heading to the airport :(
Anyway, Ngurah Rai Airport (Bali's airport) is now very beautiful! I remembered the old airport is suck and i always wondering why the airport is so small and dirty, whereas Bali is the number one destination for foreign tourists in Indonesia. But now to see it's big and beautiful, i'm happy, lol.
We also savoured the first highway that build above the sea in Indonesia, for the first time, when we arrived in Bali.

As usual, looking for coffee shop because we had a long time to wait, tho. This coffee shop is inside the building, after you check in. Even it's big and beautiful, the airport still smell very new that not many shops were open here yet. And this one is more expensive than Starbuck, tho.

ok here's my rumpled face.
Until next time, Bali! :)


  1. Pork can never go wrong! xD

    I think it's extraordinary because there a "+" next to the "biasa" word xD

    Uhh.. Love all your pictures!!

    1. maybe you're right! they have other branch without "+" but it's just an ordinary shop
      thank you! :)


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