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Ugh. I'm a bundle of laziness.
First of all,
I know it's super duper late, it's February 1st already, almost valentine and chinese new year, and here i am, trying to write something. I have things to do lately, and when i have time to sit down and write, my fingers won't type. Like suddenly i have supermassive blackhole inside my head (๑•﹏•)⋆* ⁑⋆* Then i end up browsing for unimportant thing until it's time to sleep.

Since i have uploaded photos in my album from December, so let's say it's #throwback.

December 14th, 2014

Me and my family (and also boyfriend) went to Batu, Malang, East Java to attend cousin's wedding. They were married in this beautiful hotel called Singhasana. I think it's new one, because they still built a building across the lobby.

Le bf. The color so strange because actually the lightning was blue and dark, and i tried to edit it.

So good, right?
Me and my family didn't stay here, tho. We stayed in Batu Suki hotel which the appearance is really not supported to take a photo. No, seriously. We booked the villa one. The appearance from outside was already not good, for me. But i just thought, oh well not a big problem because we are not gonna stay in the villa all the time. But when we took a look in our room, the sheets were dirty. We asked housekeeping to change it, but it still dirty. What, your sheets are all dirty?(눈‸눈)

Parents also said that their bathroom was full of ants. After the struggles, we decided to move to new hotel room, not villa. There was a little bit fuss because we forced to move out in 11 p.m and the receptionist said there was no room left. But then they finally gave in and we had our room. And the room is way more comfortable than the villa one. The price is not differ much, tho.
Finally, a nice bed to sleep. We only stayed one night but still...

The next day is the day!

They had mini chapel where my cousin got married. But our family is to big so the chapel couldn't gather everyone in, so some of us waiting outside. After the bride and groom went outside, we took photos and waiting at pool side for the wedding dinner! (ノ´ヮ´)ノ*: ・゚

Let's take a moment for this God's majestic creation. These photos can't describe the real beauty of the sky and scenery at that moment.

Then dinner! This one is more like nasi campur (rice with many side dishes). We had a wonderful dinner. Around 9 p.m. we went back to Surabaya. The street was not crowded at usual because it was night already so we arrived as soon as possible. I immediately hit the bed.

December 15th, 2014

I am 22.
If you say teenage years are the most confusing time of someone life because it's time where people usually think of rebellion and still confuse of what's good and what's bad, well for me early twenties are harder than teenage yearsIt's like you are an adult, you are legal, but some of senior adults, like your parents, still think you are a little kid that need direction and still not allowed for this and for that. Though you have to already know so many this and that. And it's the moment when you have to started working, to show yourself that you are able to be an adult. But at the same time, you're also young. It's also the time when you need to decide whether you want to study more or dive in to working life, or maybe to travel. You have to think clearly because when you are late twenties, an opportunity like this will not come by easily, especially when you're already married (´_`。) *sniff*.

Teenage years are a piece of cakes when you looked back. It's like to decide what time you should go home or should you attend your private lesson or hang out with friends 

By thinking like that, i really didn't have a mood to celebrate my birthday, tho. lol.
I decided to celebrate it in very usual way. But, in surprising way, my father called all families to have dinner together in suki restaurant. I'm in awe. I know he's really good to plan a celebration for me, even i was not asking for it. I am not a good host and that's why i wanted to be just a simple dinner, at home is enough. Four tables, around 40 peoples. Even my sweet seventeenth party was not as big as this.

My boyfriend came in noon and brought me cake also presents!

He gave me sneakers that didn't fit in my feet. I looked up and he looked limp. Then i knew he was mean it! lol. I am sorry, boo, but i've told you several times, my feet is big. I trouble to find the right shoes. So we decided to sell it, and it sold! The next week, he brought me to mall so i could try it myself and yes finally found it!

 Thank you boo

My Chinese name is 杨红红 and yes, red is my favourite colour!

Birthday dinner that night was superb because most of my family made it to come. Thank you for accepted our invitation, tho my Dad who was the one who planned it! I know my families wondered why suddenly my birthday was celebrated. I have no idea to. Still, thanks to my Dad!
And step-mother who had arranged the waitresses brought the cake while singing happy birthday. Thank you!

And look what i got when i got home!

Another birthday cake from friends!!

Thank you Beatrice and Ardine who had took time to come to my house and hiding in my dark-with-mosquito-digs living room! Thanks for Cella too, who was sick that day, but she was the one who bought the cake.

Even though i think this kind of celebration was not necessary, at the end of the day, i felt blessed. I have never asked for this, but then i got more than i should from people i love. Thank you so much!

I hope at this age, i have a mature mind, youthful look and little kid heart.

December 31st, 2014

My family doesn't celebrate new year much, tho.

Having dinner with bf's family. After dinner, me and bf went to his friend's house to have barbecue and waiting for new year.

wtf my pose.

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Do you guys made new year resolutions already? I haven't.