Sunday Market SBY Vol. 9 : Once Upon a Time in China

i wish i blog more.
Since last two weeks i got a lot of things to do. Which was exciting because i always wish to be more busy (i got bored already) but also tiring. In my spare time, i write dayre or read someone else blog. All of sudden, i miss blogging so much! Just thinking how much free time back when i was in high school, so that i could write a blogpost everyday even the posts were not important at all, maybe just song's lyric, pictures from web or my conversation with friends. But i really miss writing, since this is what i've been doing all the time besides drawing (and eating).

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So right now, i am working on my design thing for my bf (he will open his business soon!) and stuck, seems i run out of ideas. While browsing for inspiration, i think it's fine if i write briefly because my blog is barely touchable.

Last month, after chinese new year (immemorial, yes), my niece and i went to Sunday Market event at Surabaya Town Square (Sutos). This event has been running for about.. two years i think? I remember the first time i went to this event and i thought how fun it is, because honestly Surabaya was lack of this kind of event (or bazaar). My brother said it's common event in other countries (he once studied in Melbourne and had many events there. How fun!). I know for some people who ever lived in other countries will think that Sunday Market SBY is kinda boring, but i never live or attend this kinda event so for me it's fine!

look how crowded it is

Here's some quick information (that i know) about Sunday Market SBY. This event had three section: food and beverage, labels market, and flea market. Usually, i only stroll around labels market, or maybe only foods, because the flea market was so crowded and the space is not that big, so narrow. It made my friends or my bf don't want to go in there. But this time, my niece was so excited to explore the flea market because we saw the price signs were very cheap and the clothes were not bad at all.

To be honest, if i had more spare money for this, i would buy like 5-6 clothes in here. I mean, those were super cheap and still fine!! As i know, some of these clothes in flea market are unsold wares from online and offline shops. Rather than loss their profit, they sell it far cheaper in here. And that's why most of them only sell one size, and it's last season design. But! I am so in to vintage things, and they looks like heaven to me! Some of them not too vintage but more to casual, any-time-clothes, like flanel shirts, sweater, hoodies, and shorts. But even after chinese new year, i have decided to save my money, and not to shop it. So.. yeah. I went out from the market with one casual dress. 50k rupiahs for a dress with same fabric compare to my 150k dress i bought 2 years ago. Not bad.

About the crowded and narrow space in flea market, well.. yeah it is. In my opinion, visitors of flea market at that time were not a lot. Yeah it's crowded but as i can remember from past events, it would be more crowded around 4 p.m. until night (i went there in noon). But still, searching good clothes to buy in the pile of clothes, shopkeepers and visitors is a struggle. I'm glad i wore sleeveless shirt. Phew!♨♨♨

Next stop is foods & beverages!

Moru Milk.
My niece want to try Moru Milk. It's a good thing the foods and drinks were totally different and varies compared to the previous Sunday Market. In my first experience going to Sunday Market SBY, food and beverage stalls were not as many as now. And when i went to the next and subsequent event, food and beverage participants did not change much. So, me and my friends kinda like bored when we saw the list of it *with rolling our eyes dramatically*
But this time, the participants increased, many new one.

look at that fluffy one!!! The requirement to get the small one (key chain) is to post our selfie with their products. We were too full at that time :(
Shabby Chic!
I had ever tried this churros in my uni. Not bad. It's cute that they had the idea of syringe to be their saucer. 
We shared this one. In here, you can choose what noodle you want to eat from the bottom. Green, orange or yellow noodle, the sauce (yakiniku, barbecue), meat (ham, chicken, sausage, meatball) and so on. Taste okay.
This one is very cute and had the best smell! I like Japanese Curry tho. But we were too full, and since it's gravy, i don't think it will stay yummy for takeaway :/

I spent my childhood quite much in Semarang, because my mom was born there, that's why this stall looks familiar to me. It's Wayang Potehi (Chinese Glove puppetry) stall. This puppetry was brought to Indonesia on colonial period. My mom used to tell me that this is what she watch when she was a little kid (no cinema. kids nowadays are so luck). I think one of Indonesia's city that still has rich Chinese culture is Semarang. You can find a lot of pagodas there.

Now move to labels market!

I never saw one in real life, lol. I want to buy but why so expensive *sob*
This one is very cute!!! But i don't really use fisherman hat. If that was a shirt or dress, i might buy it.

I bought notes, cookies, and a dress from Sunday Market Volume 09. Actually they have more than only buying and selling. They had these local bands who performance according to schedule, attraction and other entertainment based on the themes (that time, because the theme is China, they had Liong and Barongsai performance, also Wushu♬), but i usually didn't purposefully went to see it. Do i wish to comeback in next volume of Sunday Market? YES✓✓✓. So please keep adding various shops, dear Soledad & The Sisters co.