Basha Market 2015: Hyperspace

First of all, i'm not really good at capturing event. Moreover if the event too big or too crowded. Let alone take photos, i can't even walk properly. I am one tall awkward girl, lol.

So it's bazaar time again here :) Last time, we had Sunday Market on February, now we have Basha Market! It's their second time hold an event like this, the first time was last year. What i like about Basha Market is they had a good concept and design, and totality in applying to marketing items and decoration. Furthermore, they had tenant from other cities, like Jakarta. Most of them sell on internet and by this chance we can directly try and touch the goodies.

The entrance
The concept and design are getting better. This time is about space and galaxy. Designed by Sciencewerk. This is photo spot that everybody use, but i didn't take any self photo so... let's move on.

First stop was Revolt Industry! It is my high school friends' and to be honest their works are really dope. They craft their own leather goods by themselves and the results are quite neat. They are sedulously joining bazaars, usually in Sunday Market. They once had hard time and it's really inspiring to so them back with fiery spirit as before.

About to show live how to they work with leather and crafted into wallet and anything goods.
They had a lot of goodies; wallet, bracelet, passport case, pouch, gloves, and also custom item. To know more, meet them here → Revolt Industry.

This one is pomades by my high school friend too, Pomikado. I guess his store is quite noted since i strolled pomikado instagram and some Indonesian artist had used pomades from here! For more choices of pomades, visit here → Pomikado.

Some nice home living with cute pattern.

the famous temporary tattoo, potatoo.
Artwork section!
This time they hung some artworks from different artists that noticed here in Indonesia. Two of the artists are my seniors in college and yes they artworks are simply amazing.

Ko Evan Raditya Pratomo from Papercaptain
Ce Renata Owen

While taking photos my bf said "Why they hung your drawing here" and point to left artwork. I've ever drew slightly the same (girl with deer antlers and filled with flowers), lol. 

Look how nice it is! Super fine. But i can't buy things i don't need :(
Hanging garden! Super nice! I wanted to buy but then retreated slightly after saw the price tag. 150k :((( for something that i don't know where i have to hang in my house :( But it's super cute, thought.If you interested, go check → Homework Indonesia
I wish i can knit like this.

I think this is what they call innovation.
A freaking mushroom in a box. Like.. why don't you think of that?? So apparently we nurture a mushroom in a box until the grow, and after they fully grow you can cook it or whatever.

If you have interest in this, go here then → Growbox

Extremely cute stall!! Hashtag Shabby Chic. I used to wish that one day i'll have a home filled with shabby chic things. But to think that i'll have my own home after i married and there's no way my future husband will like Shabby Chic things, i dismissed my thought before i get too deep with this cuteness. Apparently they sell photo pad, i think it's an important essential for (vsco) photographer, tho.

Canvas Living
You'll never go wrong with pink and mint!

Basha Market also collaborated with to hold workshop classes. Interesting, right? Some of them are typography workshop, leather craft, photography and flower arrangement ↑ This is a betterment!

Now move on to food sect.... wait a minute.

Okay, i haven't talk about the crowd.
Basha Market this year was SUPER CROWDED. I came on the third day and all of my friends said the first and second day was crowded as hell. Super crowded here means the alley was covered with tons of people, and you cannot sight seeing peacefully since people behind you already push you aside and wait for you to move, so you have no choice rather than keep moving. Due to avoid that 'super crowded' moment, we came earlier. 10.30 a.m. we already landed here and fortunately it was still not crowded. But then after 20 minutes of strolling, people kept coming and as you can see up there..........

Thought people have a good enthusiasm for this kinda event. Maybe because there were so many famous online shop out of Surabaya that join this market.

So i did not earn many photos tho.

Jumble Juice
Cute, right? It called Ba-Na-Na, lol.
This one is from Sweet O'Treats.
Uncle Q. My bf like their donuts a lot, but unfortunately when we came they are run of stock and still on process of making. We had to wait for half hour. But their Red Velvet also delicious, tho!
Nasi babi goreng (fried pork rice) from Hong's kitchen. Yum!
And that's all.
Well actually there are still so many drolling foods and beverages stall but it's too crowded to take good photos. This also apply in previous sections such as clothes and home living. So many cute and good stall which sell great things but can't take photos :/

Now this is personal.
I have one reason to come here and it did not accomplish tho. I want to meet (or at least see) Pupu Paula in person :( and also her husband, Teddy Aang. They are my favourite couple!! 

Brief: Pupu Paula is a instafamous. She had vintage style that really quirky and look great on her. The reason why i like her is because she is unique, and totality on her style. I always wonder does she always go everywhere like that (vintage up do, red lipstick, winged eyeliner and of course vintage dresses) and i guess she does! For narrow minded country like Indonesia and a city like Surabaya, i think it's quite hard (for me) to dress like that everywhere, since people will tell me how weird i am. She also owned her vintage clothing line, Hello Pupu.

Paula joined Basha Market by being a judge of #OOTD (outfit of the day) competition and the winner will be made over by her!! I got a little excited to join until i realise few days ago i still didn't know whether if i can make it there or not. And i have no time to take good photo too because the day before i have work to do. I think oh well, it's okay at least i want to see her in person! But UNFORTUNATELY when i was there, she wasn't there yet, i guess. And when i arrived at home, she was there. Oh my God why.
Basha Market, please accept your success this time with pride and honour.
We'll wait for Chapter 3!