Meet Up with Old Fellas

Few weeks ago i met my college friends. Just some casual dinner and talking :)
My college years were not the best tho, but after dealing with 'real world' (re: work days) of course school and uni days are worth to be missed :( If only i can attend formal school and be a student again (and maybe overboard. Japan. Duh, i wish). Anyway, it's a good catch up since we're barely meet each other nowadays. And even it's only 4 of us, the others are busy and some of them (re: MOST of them) attend school in China. OK FINE i'm kinda lonely here :|

We met at Klemax, Spazio, and had dessert at Il Gelato Di Bruno!
Photo courtesy of Elbert Reyner
Photo courtesy of Elbert Reyner
Photo courtesy of Elbert Reyner

Ok la i have to admit i've just hit google translate to search what Il Gelato Di Bruno means, lol. It's italian, means chocolate ice cream. This dessert spot was actually opened for a long time ago but this is my first time, HA. Sorry for my lateness. I'm not that socialite anymore boohoo :/ (and that's the reason why i have nothing to update on my blog).

Photo courtesy of Elbert Reyner

They have a lot of choices, i was confused! They even have Hello Kitty flavour, turns out it was yogurt and strawberry. Okay Hello Kitty enough la. I ordered the big cup with 3 flavours and share it with my friend. They are mecrock (kinda like wafers), cookies and dark chocolate. AND THREE OF THEM ARE SUPER NICE. If you are a fan of really really dark chocolate, Il Gelato's dark chocolate is.. literally dark chocolate. It's almost fully bitter for me. And cookies! who doesn't like cookies? You can find a piece of wafer inside mecrock.

The price is so-so. Mine was 65k rupiah. You can get one flavour only (small sized) with 30k rupiah.

I wanted to use cone at the first place but they ran out of stock :( Well yeah the place was kinda full at that time, it was Thursday tho. So we had chit chat at Spazio's terrace. Not bad too since it's not that hot at night.

RATES (out of 5)
Foods: ✔✔✔✔ Price: ✔✔✔ Place: ✔✔✔✔ Service: ✔✔

I gave two points only for service because the waitress can't take a good photo of us, HA. Ok that sounds a little mean. Overall everything is between so-so and good. I recommend this place for a little chit-chat with fams or friends after dinner!

Well actually they also have food, it's called 3 yolks. Haven't tried it yet!

  Il Gelato Di Bruno   
Spazio Terrace #7
Jl. Mayjend Yono Soewoyo Kav. 3, Surabaya
+62 31 60039818


Just an intermezzo, i also met my high school friends weeks ago. They are my second family, Sinlui's student union 2008 - 2009 :)

I think most of my high school happiness filled with them. Planning events, 5 am already at school for orientation week, camping for leadership and organisation, making license for them so they can skip classes and do some works, and me myself skip classes from first until eighth subjects per day (re: ALL DAY LONG) because i was the one who have authorities to walk out from class without license, lol. Well, responsibility fit more than authorities, tho.
BUT! I am so glad i spent my one year in high school joining student union. I still do and always do. I think some of friends and other students back then still have the same thought like, why the hell you waste your time doing something that more like school's servant? But not for me. If you think that way, then you missed high school moment quite much, dude. I am sorry to hear that.

And after 5 years, we met again and they didn't changed much except our appearance.

Shoutout to my partner, this freakin' tall man, AB.
I'm not sure if he became taller or looked taller because he lost so much weight. I am quite tall for average woman in Indonesia (about 169 cm) and i'm only as tall as his earlobes. And he's still crazy as always!

We had dinner at the famous Pipe And Barrel.
I confess i didn't take photos of the foods because we had too much fun and i totally forgot until i finished eating. Woops my bad.

Maybe next time :)