Quickie: Kokkoten

Just a quick post before i go back to work.
Last week i tried this new booming fried chicken snack.

Kokkoten sells fried chicken with honey and sauce, also other foods such as hot dog. The stall is japanese inspired, and well designed!

The chicken is served with waffle fries. It's 30.000 IDR, and since it’s a stall, i think they didn’t charge tax like restaurants usually do. The taste of the sauce is okay, but i think if you dislike honey or herbs and spices, i don’t recommend it. I am not sure if it’s herbs and spices, tho. But, likely.

Unfortunately the waffle fries were not crispy :( Due to velocity of serving, i think they decide to stock the fried food first, so they can serve the customer quickly. It’s good because it came out quite fast. Since after it fried, they still pan fry the chicken with sauces so it will still be served hot. But for the waffle fries, it was sluggish. Served hot and as crunchy as it should be are usually affect my rating for foods.

If only the waffle fries also hot and crunchy, this dish would be yummy. I suggest when you visit here, you can ask the waitress to fried you the new one :)

If you want to try, you can go immediately to Spazio, Surabaya :)

Have a nice day, fellas.