Navy Seals: Burger, Chicken, Burrito

While the topic is hot, i will take my morning time to post this.
Last night we tried freshly new restaurant in town.

It called Navy Seals.
Catchy name, since American Vintage is on trend right now. 

I thought it was 'Nevisil' at first my bf said it and i guessed it had something to do with 'Nephilim'. Okay, that's not really important information.

The place is also catchy because it's vivid. The place isn't too big. They arranged quite a lot of tables, tho.

They sell burger, fried chicken, burrito, nachos, pizza, tacos, pasta and etc. Well, basically it is fast foods restaurant.

Click to enlarge the menu
We ordered Double Classic burger, Chicken burger and Breakfast Burrito. Eating Breakfast for supper, sounds badass.

Taadaa! The Burgers.
Its came out pretty quick, like 5 minutes approximately. But mine, the burrito, came out in a fairly long period of time. Like, my bf would had his last bite and mine was just came out.

Chicken Burger
Bf's sister's. The chicken is full of flavour! And there's fried onion ring.

Double Classic Burger
Bf's. He said it's less juicy and not served hot. But (i think) the bun is yum.

Drinks. its Loyal Tea. Common Lemon Tea.
Bf ordered chocolate milkshake and it was yum. He said it's like melted chocomilk ice cream. It has really thick texture so be ready to feel full with it!

Breakfast Burrito
Popularised as Twister by next door fast food restaurant HAHA. But don't compare (because the price is different duh).

I'm sorry if it's less attractive after i bit. Wanted to capture the inside but couldn't slice it with spoon or fork. In the menu they only said steak, but i think it's lamb steak. I like it so doesn't matter to me. It also has hashbrown potato and egg in it, and served hot. Very nice!

Please take a note that i have never eaten a burrito before, so i don't really know the taste of 'real' burrito or other burrito. Yes, i have ever eaten Kebabs and this one is different. More yummy and less healthy, lol.
--------------------------------------------- P R I C E ---------------------------------------------
Double Classic Burger 55.000
Chicken Burger 45.000
Breakfast Burrito 45.000
LoyalTea 20.000 (regular) 25.000 (large)
Chocolate Milkshake 25.000
all in IDR
------------------------------------- C O N C L U S I O N -------------------------------------
Pro :
✔ Yummy Burrito
✔ Neat Package
✔ Open till pass midnight (2 a.m.)
✔ Clean & simple interior
✔ Downtown & easy to reach
✔ Yummy milkshake
✔ Friendly staffs
Cons :
✘ Only one counter
✘ Too narrow to queue
✘ Beef less juicy & not served hot
✘ Less content service

Overall, their foods and beverages are yummy. Their price is approximately equal to cafes and famous burger-fast-food restaurants in town. Actually they have friendly staff even on night, but they only have one counter and i thought it will be bothersome if it's getting more crowded. Yesterday was weekday and already quite late but they still had pretty much customers. There was one man who queueing behind us and he had to stand closer to us because there was no space and no direction where to queue. Well you know, some people in here still need direction for a better justice. I thought that guy was feeling awry because he confused where to stand. And for the period of time between burger and burrito, i think it's tolerable because they still figuring out the best service they can pull out.

Will i come back? Yes because they had nice burrito and i don't think there's another burrito seller in Surabaya that sells quite the same with this one, and i want to try their pizza.

If you search on Google of this restaurant, i don't think there are many reviews and even the place from google map is not shown up. I am not sure if Navy Seals is still soft opening or already grand opening because i don't see quite much promotions of it. But here's the map!

Navy Seals
(not sure if it's in one word or separately)
Jl. Sulawesi 16-18 Surabaya
+62 31 3822796


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