Throwback Edition : Bandung!

CAUTION: This post contains major throwback of our last year trip. Reader might think 'why the hell this woman write this post just now' but well until you read this, it's finally!! already posted. Just enjoy, k.

 Paris Van Java, Bandung, West Java
September 4th, 2014.
Me and my bestie, Beatrice, decided to go for a trip. As both of us already had a plan to go to Bali last year, we thought Bandung is a nice idea, since i never went to Bandung and Beatrice also want to try their culinary more. For the first time i heard 'Bandung', what crossed my mind is 'cafes', because i heard this city has a lot of unique and good cafes!

We took morning flight. Nothing much happens in airport except i was quite excited i found Burger King inside the waiting lounge (i thought Surabaya has no Burger King). Then arrived in Bandung on time.
We stayed in Naval Hotel, as a recommendation from Beatrice because she had ever stayed here with her dad. First of all, we were searching for good and clean hotel but in low price. It's not have to be glamour or furnished with everything new, we don't even care about the breakfast because we planned to have breakfast somewhere else, so we searched for three stars hotel. I can't say i looked for budget hotel since i had bad experience with budget hotel before. I think the existence of budget hotel itself was intended for people who come alone and stay for a night or two for business meeting or so. Budget hotel really doesn't fit for you who want to have nice holiday or come with family.

I have to say i impressed with this hotel! Big room, Big comfy bed, LCD television, free mineral water bottles, good bathroom (no bathtub and doesn't matter), friendly staffs and the most important of all is CLEAN. There's no view tho, just another building, but it doesn't matter too.
I forget how much exactly the price for a night is but it must be around Rp. 300.000 - 400.000,00. You can check on or call them for exact price.

We tried hotel's food, which is not that pricey (around 20.000-30.000, indonesian foods). Good enough.

One more thing that really important from this hotel:
So after we ate, we started our trip with walking from hotel to Paris Van Java, one of the famous must to go place in Bandung. Yes, walking, on foot. Because it's literally close to hotel and too close if we took a taxi. Here's the map:

8 minutes. I think the accuracy is real.
And finally set foot in Paris Van Java!

Oh yes the mall is pretty! I've often heard about Paris Van Java and finally stepping my feet here.

And many cute stores.
We walked around and strolling to the stores until evening and it's time to eat!

Pizza é Birra
Seen few of friends had tagged this place on their instagram so we decided to try!

The chicken wings were so-so. The pizza was good and crispy.
After dinner, we walked around a little bit more and dropped to this little cute cafe. We had seen this cafe since noon, so we had dessert here!

Kirbs Tea Room & Pastry

Lé tired face.

Lots of pretty cakes made us confuse, lol. Decided to order Azuki Matcha Bomb and hot tea.

Here's our tired face after walking around all day. After that we went back to hotel and rest for next day trip!

The next day we rent a car and went to Floating Market in Lembang.

It was about half hour from our hotel.

We didn't expect the place would be this quite. I though it would be full of floating boats with their goods.

Here's the market section.

Another view. Overall the place is beautiful. Maybe we went in a wrong time, when the market hadn't opened yet or else.

 shameless tourist photos lol.
Then we had lunch at Kampung Daun, since its also in Lembang.

21 minutes? I didn't remember that it was that long!

Shops in front.

It is a very calm and heartwarming. If you're looking for a good lunch time, breeze and cozy, then here's the place!

We're lucky because it was not holiday season so the place isn't too crowded and we got our gazebo immediately. If you're going on holiday season, you might need to call them first.

Nasi Bakar
The foods were surprisingly good too! We also had Kerak Telor. Actually, 3 foods for 2 person were too much lol. Tbh i forget the prices, but they are equal to cafes price. Nasi bakar is around Rp. 60.000,00 if i'm not wrong. My apologise. 

Strolling around the place and turned out the place is so big. Very green.

i think it should be our hashtag.
 After lunch, we decided to go back to Bandung since we had no other plans in Lembang. Personally, I think Lembang to Bandung is like Malang to Surabaya. Up higher, cooler and smaller.

First stop after driving back to Bandung is Kartika Sari!

When you need to buy particular snacks for family and friends back home, then Kartika Sari is the place! They sell sweets, traditional snacks, cookies and various cakes.This is the time i didn't take photo because we were afraid we ran out of time and we were too confuse choose a few of many yummy-looking snacks! The place is comfy since it's clean, has air conditioner and has a lot of staffs to help. When i come back here, i will go here again and try different snacks!

Next stop was shopping!
Bandung has been known for its cafes and distribution stores (distro). So i thought it would be a pity if we didn't take a visit to one of most famous distro in Bandung, Rumah Mode.

It was so crowded with tourists. I didn't take a photo of what its looked like inside because too busy looking for good clothes :(:( But really, it's a big place and i found so many cute clothes with a good deal but i was on budget :(:( oh no lol.

Ok la at least i took a photo in the changing room. And i bought that sweater and skirt.
Rumah Mode is a big big place for shopping, and they have various clothes from various branded labels with cheaper prices. Hm.. i guess it's rejected clothes?

Next stop is.. dinner!
Not really a dinner, tho.
It was still afternoon and we decided we still too full to eat dinner. Bandung has a lot of cute cafes that we confused which one is worth the visit because tomorrow we would go home already. After a discussion, we decided to go to Hummingbird Eatery.

It is a cozy cozy place with a very yummy cake. I am glad it's worth the visit!

Every cakes looked so tempting i want it all!

Hmm.. decision, decision.

Coffee and tea are the greatest things to accompany a cake.

or not only tourist. Still will do even in Surabaya lol.



Fruity Arancane & Profiterous Crunch
The cakes was soooo delicious! Have i said it? or nah?

Okay, move on.
B bought this on the way home.

Martabak Bolu.
Or in Surabayan it is Terang Bulan Bolu. It is a thick baked dough with various topping. The original one is chocolate, cheese and condensed milk.
I am not really a big fan of Terang Bulan so for me it tasted the same, just less buttery. 

Still on the way home to hotel, and decided to visit an ice cream shop near the hotel.

The place called Brussel Springs. The ice cream was so-so, tho. I don't know if it's late or what because the flavours were not many.
The place is cute, tho.

Beside this ice cream shop, there are stationary and etcetera shop called Soleluna. And my God, i am so lost in that store. I mean, i really like it. It's a big store of cute stationary and other cute things. Oh my God if only i brought more money...

Too bad i didn't permitted to take photos inside the store.

The next day, which was the last day of our trip, we went to Two Hands Full. I read reviews from trips blog and Two Hands Full was immediately became my first list of cafes i need to go. And.. i didn't regret it! Fortunately the place is near my hotel so we went there by foot for brunch. 
From outside, Two Hands Full looked hang in the balance. The place is so humble, with red brick wall and small sign beside the road. But there were a lot of cars parked.

A very humble one, yes? Simple yet comfy.

It's around 9-10 am and there was already crowded. I guess people in Bandung are excited for brunch. 

Le bestie.

Aaaanddd this is our super brunch!

My Latte, as usual.

B's Chai Latte. She has been strolling around for Chai Latte ever since and she still thought Two Hands Full has the best one.

B's Pork Burger with french fries.

My breakfast set!
It looks so simple but yet it's da-boom. Really.

Until last bites....

When i come back to Bandung, i have to go back to Two Hands Full for brunch!!!

Went back and decided to go to Paris Van Java to buy things we think we didn't need lol.

For our very last visit is Paskal Food Market. It's like a large open door food court. I know this kind of food court would be dull on noon because it's hot, but  we didn't have any other plan so we just filled our spare time here.

Didn't have enough space for more food but i gotta try this one...

I read reviews about Pascal Food Market in internet and most of them said Bola Ubi is a must-try item.

Well, it turns out to be good! But you have to eat it immediately since it will be greasy when it's cold.
After snacks, we went back to hotel, packed our bags and went to airport.


The reason why i decided to write things that already happened for a long time (almost a year!) because i miss traveling. For me, people who work as epicurean and travel around the world have the best life. Hopefully i can go somewhere anytime soon!



  1. I miss my chai latte!!
    Let's go back there and have a proper trip :)

    1. let's go! but i want to go somewhere else first tho ;_;


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